Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release – What is it like?

Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release – What is it like?

It can be a nightmare when buying supplements, especially the when it comes to reducing fat and losing weight. Not only is it extremely important to make sure that the product is safe, you want to find a formula that works and is worth your money.

We have put together some easy to understand reviews to help you understand the contents and ingredients within the supplements of today’s holistic market. There is no need to risk purchasing a product unaware of what it might do, if you stick to our guidelines.

The product

Zoller as a manufacturer of Zantrex Black has had three attempts of making its formula. The first bottle was red and the second was blue.

However, besides a change of colour the company has changed the ingredients to meet FDA standards and ensure that heir customer’s do not experience the same side effects that were reported from their previous versions.


ingredients of Zollar ZantrexThis is the third time that Zoller have had to attempt a formula that works without incurring any unwanted side effects – so surely they have it right this time?

This version contains antioxidants and vitamins that you will feel a number of benefits from including: Niacin, Green Tea, Black Tea, Maca Root, Guarana Seed, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Damaina, and Black Pepper.

Firstly, Niacin is a vitamin that improves blood flow. The trouble is that sometimes it is so good that it can cause a red flush to the skin. They call this the ‘niacin flush.’

Zollar Zantrex - The ProductThe natural herb Maca Root helps to release dopamine within the brain which makes you experience happiness and motivation.

Using Ginseng provides oxygen to muscles as well as nutrients while you are exercising.

The ingredient that is better known to improve the sex drive is the Damaina.

However, without identifying that there is a large quantity of caffeine in each capsule some people wouldn’t even know! If you look more carefully you will realize that there are four sources of this substance: Green Tea, Black Tea, Guarana Seed and Yerba Mate.

Each of these ingredients supplies an overall high content of caffeine and increases energy levels rapidly, so you would have to make sure not to consume any other products like coffee throughout the course of the day.


For a price of $25.99 this is an OK purchase, as you receive 84 soft gels which having a dose of two soft gel per day is around a month and half’s supply.


You can avoid achieving your goals through using products that contain stimulants. Caffeine can cause side effects and so it if you are sensitive to this substance then you can try an alternative like Flat Belly or GarciniaX.

These products are sufficient in suppressing the appetite in a non harmful way to the body and system and are an extremely fair price of $19.95.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to trust a company that got it right the first time?


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