What Men Need to Know About Semen Leakage

by Edward Johnson
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Have you ever experienced having your semen leak even when you’re not having sex? Don’t worry. Although it’s quite embarrassing, semen leakage is actually a common occurrence.

Whether you ejaculate or not, semen often leaks out during sex. But when your semen is seeping out of your penis even when you’re not sexually aroused, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem. Here’s what you need to know.

What Causes Semen Leakage?

Your semen is supposed to stay inside you unless you’re ejaculating or having sex. Sometimes, however, semen just leaks out of your penis for no apparent reason. Here are several potential reasons why your semen is leaking unexpectedly.

  • While sleeping

Nocturnal emissions are more commonly known as wet dreams. Nocturnal emissions can affect any male regardless of age. Wet dreams usually happen when your dream causes you to be sexually aroused. Even just contact with your bedding can cause sexual arousal while you’re sleeping, and this can also result in nocturnal emissions.

  • During sexual arousal

It’s perfectly natural for your semen to leak when you’re sexually aroused. Any time you’re engaged in sexual activities or even when you’re having sexual fantasies, a small amount of semen may leak from your penis.

You may also experience semen leakage right before or right after you ejaculate. This is different from pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid. Both semen leakage and pre-cum contain your sperm, so you might want to take precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  • man urinatingAfter urination

There are times when semen leaks from your penis when you urinate. If you’ve just engaged in sex and you urinate a little after you ejaculated, there might still be semen remaining in your urethra and this could mix with your urine and make it look cloudy.

  • Injury to the nervous system

Erection and ejaculation are both controlled by your nervous system. Hence, an injury to your nervous system such as trauma to your spinal cord can affect both your ability to get an erection and your ability to control your ejaculation.

An infection in your brain or spinal cord may also cause you to lose control over your penile nerves. Such damage can lead to semen leakage, as well as other ejaculation problems like premature ejaculation or anejaculation.

  • Prostatitis

Your prostate gland, which produces some of your seminal fluid, is located right between your penis and bladder. When your prostate gland becomes infected and inflamed, it can cause pain in your genital area, as well as in your lower back.

Prostatitis can also cause a semen-looking discharge from your penis. It may also cause frequent or painful urination. If you’re showing symptoms of prostatitis, you need to have it treated because if it recurs frequently or if it lasts for 3 months, then you may develop chronic prostatitis which is a risk factor of erectile dysfunction.

  • Prostate cancer

A common type of cancer affecting elderly men, prostate cancer can interfere with your prostate gland’s functions. As prostate cancer progresses, you may notice certain symptoms such as difficulties urinating, blood mixed with your semen, and erectile dysfunction. Prostate cancer may also cause semen leakage and other ejaculatory problems.

  • Medication side effects

Certain drugs are known to have adverse effects on various sexual functions. A class of antidepressants called SSRIs, for instance, is known to have adverse sexual effects such as loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Other medications may also cause semen leakage and other changes to your ejaculatory function.

Treatment Options

How your doctor will treat your problems with semen leakage will greatly depend on whatever is causing the problem. If it’s just nocturnal emissions, your doctor may consider your semen leakage to be natural. You may simply be advised to masturbate before sleeping as a means to prevent wet dreams.

If the problem is caused by prostatitis, your doctor may give you a prescription for antibiotics to treat the infection and to lessen the inflammation of your prostate gland. However, if semen leakage is due to prostate cancer, then your doctor will discuss with you what your options are regarding your treatment for prostate cancer.

Concerned About Reduced Semen Volume?

Semen volume is one of the markers of male fertility. During semen analysis, semen volume is also measured, along with your sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology.

Semen is basically composed of a combination of your spermatozoa and your seminal fluid. The more seminal fluid you produce, the higher your semen volume becomes. Normal semen volume per ejaculate is around 1.5-5ml of semen, and that usually contains 39-928 million spermatozoa.

To increase your semen volume, you’d need to increase both your sperm production, as well as the production of your seminal fluid. For both sperm and seminal fluid production, testosterone is a key factor. This means that in order to raise your semen volume, you will need to increase your testosterone levels first.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

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