What Is Small Penis Syndrome

by Robert Carver
What Is Small Penis Syndrome

What Men Should Know : Is My Penis Too Small?

For most men, the size of their penis is often equated with their sense of masculinity and sexual prowess. But if you constantly think your penis doesn’t measure up, you may end up feeling insecure. If you’re too afraid of being criticized for your small penis size or micropenis, it can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Small penis syndrome is a mental disorder. If you have it, it means that you’re excessively worried that you have a micropenis or your penis is too small. You’re not the only man to worry about penis size. But if you’re allowing the worries of your penis size to cause you psychological distress, you might want to consider seeing a urologist. Here’s what you need to know about small penis syndrome and what is considered a small penis.


Small penis syndrome, or small penis anxiety as it is sometimes called, is characterized by anxiety about your penis being observed by others because you adamantly believe that your flaccid penis girth or length is less than what is an average penis size for adult men, despite the fact that your penis is clinically considered normal in size.

In short, men with small penis syndrome truly believe that they’ve got a really small penis, contrary to what everybody else, including doctors and medical practitioners, is saying. When these concerns about penis size become severe, a man with small penis syndrome may go to extreme lengths just to have his perceived small penis size corrected.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The problem with small penis syndrome is that it can lead to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental disorder that can cause dire negative consequences. The difference between small penis syndrome and body dysmorphic disorder is quite significant.

disappointed with penis lengthWith small penis syndrome, you’re simply anxious about your penis size. With body dysmorphic disorder, however, you believe that the your small penis size represents a bodily defect.

Men with small penis syndrome can develop body dysmorphic disorder if they worry too much about their penis size or feel too much shame about the perceived smallness of their sex organ.

Men with BDD are not just worried about how their sex organ measures up. They repetitively and even obsessively check, measure, and compare their penis size with that of other men.

Psychologically, men suffering from BDD feel a lot of distress over their perceived defect, leading to impaired daily functioning. Their social interactions are negatively impacted, their work suffers, and they’re unable to maintain intimate relationships.

When a man who has small penis syndrome develops BDD, it can interfere with his sexual behavior and can lead to sexual dysfunction. Men with small penis syndrome may develop an aversion to sex and may become impotent.

What’s even more alarming about body dysmorphic syndrome is that men with BDD often entertain suicide thoughts. This is why psychiatric intervention is very important for men suffering from BDD.

Fortunately, the percentage of men who develop penis-related BDD is very small, despite the fact that most men tend to be dissatisfied with their penis size. What’s even more fortunate is that for men who wish their sex organ were just a tad longer and bigger, there are now many options available for penile lengthening or stretching.

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