What Do Women Want in Bed?

by Robert Carver

Short answer is simply that women desire man to last long enough in bed to bring them to orgasm. The heightened fever and excitement of the moment completely dissipates when a man climaxes 30 seconds into vaginal penetration. No, it’s not comforting or flattering to hear that we’re such a turn on and so incredibly sexy that you lose all control and climax early; it’s called being shitty in bed and a severe disappointment. The few women to boldly make this statement to men have previously been highly critiqued for being cold and holding ridiculously high standards. Yet, numerous scientific studies have now shown the prior stated fact on pre – mature ejaculation to merely be the harsh truth.

Studies Show Women Require Prolonged Vaginal Stimulation to Achieve Orgasm

A significant correlation exists between poor male ejaculatory control and female sexual dissatisfaction. The International Society for Sexual Medicine published a study in 2014 that focused on female response to pre-mature ejaculation. Female study participants reported partner’s lack of attention and focus on performance, short time between penetration and ejaculation and the lack of ejaculatory control as being the most significant factors for sexual dissatisfaction. Around quarter of the female study participants reported that a man’s pre-mature ejaculatory problems had previously led to their ending the relationship.

What Does this Mean for Pre-Mature Ejaculators?

The study proved the detrimental effects pre-mature ejaculation has on quality and duration of relationship; lack of female sexual satisfaction can lead to the termination of the relationship or the female partner having an affair. Men suffering from pre-mature ejaculation would be foolish to think their performance issues were only a minor problem within the relationship. Women desire sexual satisfaction and are dissatisfied with their sexual activity only involves watching their partner’s pre-mature ejaculation.

Do Effective Treatments Exist for Pre- Mature Ejaculation?

Prescription medications have attempted to solve this crisis by offering treatment methods for men suffering from pre-mature ejaculation. However, these medications on average only increase duration of sexual performance by a few minutes. A few minutes still doesn’t provide ideal or even adequate time for increased female sexual satisfaction. Natural male enhancement products are another popular treatment method for pre-mature ejaculation. This industry is often associated with scams and low quality products yet does contain several long term effective treatment methods for this troubling condition.

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