Want to Skip the Gym? The Pros and Cons to Walking and Running

by Robert Carver
running man

When it comes to being active, there are many physical activities a person can do. For example, a person can go to a gym, take a swimming class, take a bike ride or even go on a canoeing trip. But sometimes people don’t have enough time to take extravagant advantages with friends or family. Sometimes all you have time for is a simple walk or run. But even in the simple times, there is still a choice to be made whether to talk a walk or go running. However, which is more beneficial to one’s health and which will aid in other physical activities? Here are the pros and cons of walking and running:

Pros of Walking

  1. It’s Easy And Practical

Since you were a toddler, you’ve been walking. It’s easy, and yet most people overlook it as exercise due to its simple capability. The only equipment needed for walking is a good pair of shoes. Shoes should feel secure and comfortable when walking distances.  Therefore, using walking as a daily exercise is pretty straightforward due to its undemanding nature. You can go for short walks or long walks, all you need is a route and you’re ready to go!

  1. Low Impact Workout  

Want to Skip the Gym? The Pros and Cons to Walking and RunningDue to the pace of walking most people will not experience tissue or muscle soreness. However, if you fast walk or add weights to try and challenge yourself, then you might experience some pain afterward. Therefore, most people can walk long distances without the experience of tissue or muscle soreness after your workout.

  1. Added Health Benefits

Since walking is a low impact workout, it is perfect for those recovering from a physical injury, trying to lose weight, and those battling with stress or anxiety disorders. Walking even helps control blood pressure! When walking is used as an exercise, it’s good to keep in mind to observe your surroundings. While walking by yourself can sometimes further internal thoughts it’s good to put those thoughts aside and look at the world around you.

Cons of Walking

  1. Not Advanced

A person who is looking for an intense workout may feel bored or even get frustrated at the lack of identity involved in walking. However, there is always different routines out there that can challenge a person. For example, adding weights or walking a nature trail instead of a road. Walking can be elevated to intense if that is what is wanted, however walking in the straightforward sense is not supposed to be intense at all.

  1. Burns Fewer Calories

Since there isn’t as much activity involved in walking there is not a lot of calories being burned. However, that doesn’t mean no calories are being burned it simply implies that there’s a little amount compared to some workout routines. The more intense workouts are the ones that burn the most calories, and therefore since walking is more of a laid-back exercise, it’s on the lesser end of the calorie burning scale.

Pros of Running

  1. Burns More Calories

Due to the nature of running, it’s an exercise that burns a lot of calories. Thanks to its intensity, people who run, burn calories quicker due to the challenge of running. Some people take a specific route because they know it’s harder or a straightforward course that will last them for a certain amount of time. These courses enable a person to burn the calories they need without them working out for an extended period of time. Therefore, by burning calories in a faster amount of time running safes people time so they don’t need to worry about gyms. Running can be great for those who are busy with work, family life, or lifestyle choices.

  1. Gives You Good Feelings

Since running is intense, most people feel a high afterward or as it’s commonly called a runner’s high. This “high” is caused by endorphins that are released from the body to make the body feel good. In essence, the body is naturally rewarding the behavior of running by providing the experience a runner’s high.

  1. Useful For Adding To an Exercise Routine

Want to Skip the Gym? The Pros and Cons to Walking and RunningDue to the intensity of running, it allows muscles to build stronger as you run for longer distances. Those muscles can be used for other workouts to build on endurance, muscle growth and overall health. In doing so you’ll see that your performance in physical activities is higher than usual and it will all be due to running.

Cons of Running

  1. You Can Get Injured  

While injuries are common in the world of fitness, often people receive injuries from running. Injuries like runner’s knee, hamstring problems, shin splints, and stress fractures are some of the most common running injuries. While they are very painful, they also take time and effort to be healed. Since running is an intense exercise, your body is disturbed and therefore under pressure. It should be said that a runner should never run on concrete if you want to avoid these types of injuries that is. To be safe run on dirt or a cinder track, this will help your body stay intact for years to come.

  1. Can Be Expensive

For the best result, it’s essential to buy proper running shoes which can reach high prices. Some people like to wear knee braces or a back brace to prevent further injuries while running. These braces depending on make and brand could cost a pretty penny. As well, most runners like to listen to music while they run. While most people have their music on their phone these days, some people still buy an iPod in case they were to damage it on their run. All of these materials added up over time will undoubtedly add a category in your finances called fitness.

While it’s known that walking is more laid back than running, it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. These two exercises both bring advantages that the other doesn’t. For example, while walking is laid back, it also helps with control blood pressure and stress. However, running burns calories and makes your body feel good about it too. At the end of the day, you decide so pick the exercise that’s right for you!

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