Virility Patch RX Review – What you need to know about Virility Patch 

Virility Patch RX Male Enhancement Transdermal Patch Review


You can count on the male enhancement market to come up with interesting concepts for new products. Take Virility Patch RX as an example. Unlike most male enhancement supplements, Virility Patch RX comes in the form of – you guessed it – a transdermal patch. Transdermal patches are relatively new to the male enhancement supplement market, and those who have not seen any success in taking male enhancement pills may opt to try patches, but that’s for an entirely different discussion.

Virility Patch RX is different only in its delivery system, but its ingredients are still close to the typical male enhancement supplement. Virility Patch RX claims that it can deliver the nutrients in a timely and consistent manner to enhance the sexual performance of users any time during the day. This is directly in contrast with fast-acting pills like Viagra, but daily male enhancement supplements also offer the same effects. Will Virility Patch RX work better than male enhancement pills? We’ll find out.


The key to the effectiveness of Virility Patch RX lies on its key ingredients.

Its main ingredient, Ginseng, is a known source of energy and stamina for the user. Ginseng has been used for centuries as a tonic for strength and endurance, and lately – for sexual stamina. To reinforce the effects of ginseng, Fo-ti and Gotu Kola is added to boost sexual stamina.

Virility Patch RX also contains Saw Palmetto as a testosterone booster, as well as Damiana as an aphrodisiac. Damiana also works as anti-depressant properties, and truth be told – the makers of Virility Patch RX aren’t even sure if damiana can increase testosterone levels. Virility Patch uses Yohimbe as its main vasodilator to allow more blood to flow to the penis when stimulated.

To bind it all together, Virility Patch RX contains menthol from the extract of peppermint oil. This ingredient opens up the pores in the skin, which makes it possible for the transdermal absorption of the ingredients.


While it’s given that Virility Patch RX contains menthol to make it possible for the ingredients to be absorbed through the skin, it doesn’t guarantee that these ingredients can be absorbed through transdermal means. These ingredients were all meant to be ingested to be effective. Even the ingredients that were used for centuries were never used or prepared other than to be ingested.

The claims of Virility Patch RX that the ingredients are better delivered through a transdermal patch is simply lacking in terms of research and results, while the best male enhancement supplements like Formula 41 Extreme are backed by years of research before coming up with an effective formula for male enhancement.


It’s a good idea to use a transdermal patch to deliver the nutrients that your body needs. If it worked for nicotine and diet patches, then it should work for male enhancement as well. However, the ingredients would need to be formulated specifically for transdermal application, and not the same group of ingredients used in oral preparations. If you’re looking for the best male enhancement supplements, check out Formula 41 Extreme, a supplement backed by studies to verify its effectiveness.