True Calm – Is it the best and deliver positive results?

The difficulty in buying supplements comes about when you realize that you have no idea what it is you should be looking for with regards to ingredients. For this reason, we have put together information gathered from the results of clinical trials, as well as extensive research, to create reviews that you can rely on for the facts about natural products. Do not waste time trying to study formulas and understand all the different combinations of substances, simply take a look at our advise and make the comparisons about the different remedies which are available today.

What is the product and its purpose? 

Mental stressThe company Now Foods, have created a dietary supplement True Calm to temporarily relieve mental stress and reflect on your mood in a positive manner by using a unique blend of amino acids. The cerebral nutrients contained such as GABA, (a substance which supports the regulation of overstimulated nerve cells) will help to generate relaxation for both the body and mind.
Above anything, this formula should reduce stress levels and promote a major sense of calm. The natural components specially selected for addressing deficiencies which have been linked to causing depression – they even reduce the severity of psychological disorders.

Which formula is used? 

True Calm - IngredientsThe following is a full list of ingredients within this product: GABA, inositol, valerin, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, glycine, and taurine.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid formally known as GABA, is the key element of this formula. It is an important neurotransmitter as when there are low levels of this substance anxiety or depression may occur.  Facilitating the transmission of serotonin which combats bipolar disorder and other states of depression is inositol. This active ingredient is also naturally found in the body.
Assisting sleeping disorders and the treatment of stress, anxiety and other psychological conditions is the herb Valerian.  It is best to be aware that this supplement is not a replacement for antidepressants. There were no clinically trials conducted to support the evidence of the effectiveness of this product and therefore it may only work for slight stress and minor mood issues. Always ask a doctor before you begin to take any form of medication even if it is herbal.


This product is very cheap at a price of $9.59. You must only consume up to three per day and you receive ninety capsules – meaning you have around a one month supply to a bottle. There is no money back guarantee with this supplement.

Our conclusion

For the ultimate formula when it comes to relaxation and there are, in fact, clinically studies that prove its worth is Relax Holy Basil. For just $19.95 for a whole one month supply, this leading brand chose to use 100 % safe and natural ingredients with the key element as Holy Basil. This substance has been used throughout history and is still used today for healing purposes. This potent herb is fantastic at cleansing the mind and body and is a powerful antioxidant.

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