The Best Foods to Eat for Longevity-How Your Diet Can Help to Slow the Effects of Aging

Being able to slow our aging through natural means or otherwise is something that people have sought after since the dawn of our existence. Being able to maintain a youthful and energetic appearance is something that many people value, and hence is a major reason why the anti-aging market is so huge.

While there are plenty of products out there which can be effective in helping you stay youthful and generally looking younger, people tend to forget that the diet also plays a huge role in how they look.

Certain foods contain certain vitamins minerals and other nutrients which we need to carry out various functions within the body. Is only natural that certain foods would contain these anti-aging compounds as well, and are the foods we should be focusing on if we want to stay looking young.

Here Are The Best Foods Which Can Help Extend Your Life Expectancy

1-Black and Blueberries

Depending on the variety of course, berries can be used some of the most nutritionally dense foods out there which are available to us. Many of us don’t think of fruits as being the most healthy foods out there, mainly because of how high they are in sugar specially when you compare it to other foods.

This is also the case of berries however they contain plenty of fiber and other nutrients which greatly outweigh the small negative aspect of them having sugar.

As far as aging is concerned berries are beneficial because they are so densely packed with anti-oxidants, which greatly have an impact on our health and our youth. Anti-oxidants help to neutralize free radicals, which helps protect the body against many different types of disease.

2-Chaga Mushrooms

Mushrooms are definitely a food that doesn’t come to the forefront of our minds when we think of foods which have anti-aging properties. Mushrooms are usually an afterthought when it comes to dish, as they are generally flavorless and taken on the other characteristics of other food items found within the dish.

Chaga mushrooms however can provide us with a whole slew beneficial compounds, including Anti-oxidants, antimicrobial, antiviral, antitumoral like properties.

This variety of mushrooms is not only going to improve our immunity and health by fighting off potential infectious diseases, but also helps to keep was looking young by providing us with all of those beneficial anti-oxidants.

3-Maca Root

This type of herb is difficult to find in stores, and more often than not you are better off buying this important, necessary ingredient to keep yourself looking young by buying in the form of a supplement.

A product like Garcinia X by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent choice here, as it will provide you with these important anti-oxidants in a concentrated form tool greatly help you to maintain a youthful appearance.

The reason why Maca Root can help us maintain our youth has to do with its effect on our hormonal production, especially steroidal hormones such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. This can have the additional benefit of improving sexual dysfunction and enhancing fertility.


Avocados of definitely garnered a lot of attention as of late, to and are definitely one of the more popular super foods out there. This has a lot to do with avocados being loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, which help to maintain the functioning of our blood vessels.

In addition to this avocados contain many phytochemicals which are essential nutrients in the fight against early aging.


Salmon is another food on this list due to its high concentration of anti-oxidants, especially one called astaxanthin. This anti-oxidants is the one responsible for giving Salmon it’s pinkish color, as this carotenoid is well known for its anti-aging benefits.

When choosing salmon, it is important that you tried to get free range salmon, or ones that are not farmed salmon as the former varieties are much more rich in these beneficial anti-oxidants.

Another benefit that this antioxidant brings along with its ability to keep us looking younger, is that it helps to lower levels of bad cholesterol within the blood as well as presence of triglycerides. This in turn improves the health of the cardiovascular system, and improves blood flow. This also may help to reduce the size of aging, as better blood circulation allows these tissues to be better supplied with the nutrients they need.

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