The Best Feeling in the World: Pleasing Your Woman 

by Robert Carver
how to please a women

When it comes to best feelings, giving your woman a screaming orgasm is one of the top ones I can think of. It means you’re the king of the world, and that you can really show your woman a good time. It also means that once she’s over and done with, you can focus on yourself more, as selfish as that sounds.

But it’s not even getting her over and done with and focusing on yourself that makes it the best feeling ever, it’s that you accomplished something that may the rest of the guys she’s been with couldn’t do on a regular basis.

So really, you’re the alpha male now.

Pleasing Your Woman is Fundamental to a Good Relationship

This is obvious. Giving your woman a screaming sex life is exactly what you need to keep the relationship in good standing. Nothing can turn a woman off more than a guy who can’t even do sex right. When you suck at sex, she’ll be on the prowl for a new guy faster than you can pack your bags and move out.

So if you can actually teach her a good time in the sack a few nights per week or more, you’ll be looking even better in her eyes, and not just another dude who banged her and couldn’t make her finish.

What Can You Do if You Suck at It?

Not all guys are good at making women have orgasms. Some women are more difficult than others, and then you have the women who are like Rubix Cubes at trying to orgasm.

The Best Feeling in the World: Pleasing Your Woman The trick is to discover what she needs to get off. Is it a combination of sex and oral? Maybe just oral? Maybe just sex? Find out the secret, and you’re in.

The only way to know for sure is to try various things before finding the right one. It’s like finding the combination to a safe!

Pro tip: most girls need a combination of oral and sex. First, you start with the oral to get her really warmed up and ready to go. Then, once that’s going on after 10 minutes or so, maybe less, you can shift on over to hard sex.

The best position for hitting her g-spot is doggystyle, so make her do that. If you want to be more intimate, you can also try reverse cowgirl. Both will do the trick.

It’s Settled!

So now that we know the trick to pleasing your girl, get out there and do it already. It’s the best feeling in the world, and you don’t want to miss out on that.

A happy girl means a happy life. Remember that.

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