Stopping Hair Loss and Re-Growing Hair

by Robert Carver

Some people want to know if they can stop hair loss altogether and start re-growing hair. There are many solutions you can find online like using oils, shampoos, vitamins, tablets or pills and many other options too.

Guys usually only can take 100% all-natural supplements, prescription hair loss treatment drugs or have surgery. The surgery can be pricey, painful and doesn’t provide men with a reason they had hair loss. For these reasons, most men are choosing to take 100% all-natural supplements or prescription hair loss

Drugs for Hair Loss Treatment by Prescription

Hair growth supplementMany hair loss treatment drugs are offered by prescription and the two that are namely used are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Minoxidil is used in Rogaine and it is applied topically. It can be available now without getting a prescription but the adverse effects are still possible. These effects are major heart issues, allergic reactions, itching, irritation and dryness of the scalp.

Finasteride ends 5a-reductase production which is the enzyme that makes DHT from the testosterone and this is taken orally. Propecia is one drug that contains finasteride and it is only available with a prescription. Many side effects are noted with Finasteride including but not limited to breathing difficulties, swelling, rashes, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction and increased risk for having prostate cancer (source found at

All-Natural Supplements for Hair Growth

Natural hair growthYou may not get the perfect choice for hair loss but some over the counter options have been great for providing results. These are the products that generally contain saw palmetto, specific nutrients and also target amino acids.

Men have tried products like Proflillica and Provillus and have great things to say about them. Some men claim they stop hair loss or even regrow hair. Since they have no dangerous chemicals or drugs, minimal or no side effects are possible.

Some of the guys out there don’t think anything of going bald. If you are here, then you care and you may need help in finding the right product. It is an option to regrow hair, make your hair healthier, thicker and fuller too.

If you are considering the use of an over the counter hair re-growing product but you don’t know where to turn for the right product, this review can be of assistance (source on

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