Should You Use NeoCutis Journee Day Cream?

by Robert Carver
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There are many reviews on NeoCutis Journee Day Cream and it has UVA/UVB SPF30 protection, PSP properties, antioxidants and more. It is restorative, rejuvenating and moisturizing for the skin. The human growth factors, cytokines and the interleukins make up the PSP complete protein. Those with dry skin or normal skin may want to try this product except for the price is costly at 30 ml for $140. The active ingredients create fine coverage. You can purchase the un-tinted or tinted kinds. The tinted will work well for dark skin tone and blend in wonderfully.

What Manufacturer Information Needs to Be Known?

The NeoCutis Company was founded in Switzerland (2003) and is now located in San Francisco, California. Physicians and biologists found that the ingredients in this product provide benefits to human skin cells. Originally, the product made by NeoCutis could only be received from a dermatologist but now you can get them at many online beauty shops. Mostly those who want to prevent aging will use NeoCutis products.

What Ingredients Are Used When Making This Product?Ingredients of NeoCutis Journee Day Cream

The ingredients used when making this product are Octinoxate at 7.5% and Zinc Oxide at 7.3%.

How Does This Product Work for Users?

This product serves as a hydrator, moisturizer, soother and anti-aging for the skin. It even serves as a sunscreen too. This product’s ingredients improve the skin’s appearance too.

What Are Pros and Cons of This Product?

The pros of this product are anti-aging effects, sunscreen use, excellent for dry and normal types of skin, a great moisturizer and it has no fragrance. The cons of this product are it only has minimal anti-aging ingredients, it is extremely pricey and research doesn’t back up the PSP effects.

What is the Suggested Use for This Product?

This product should be applied onto the skin in small amounts before applying any make-up and should only be put on clean skin in the morning. This product is efficient and the ingredients will help to hydrate the skin. Before using it, consult a physician since some ingredient could irritate your skin. Also, if you do have oily skin avoid using this product.

Day care creamWhat Are Customer Reviews on This Product?

Customers state that this product has been lightweight and it soothes their skin. They have stated the price is high but it does also nourish the skin too. Some women noted effects of the anti-aging properties in this product.

What Final Notes Are There Regarding This Product?

This product is made from the NeoCutis line of products. It is considered to be an anti-aging product all there are minimal ingredients in it that support this. The anti-oxidants in this formula are powerful and it is great to use as a sunscreen. The price of this product is quite high but otherwise it works for many who use it.

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