by Robert Carver

Discover the tips and tricks that will make your Valentine’s Day memorable for your partner.

Ready to bring your A-Game this Valentine’s Day? Your partner is expecting you to bring your best performance for the coming special night. Special days like Valentine’s Day isn’t the time of the year to bust out your mediocre bedroom performance. These are times when your usual quickie missionary won’t work – and failure to perform would make one special day less special.

Ladies love men who are spontaneous, but given the circumstances, it’s more of a risk to be spontaneous. What would happen if you end up having sex, and all you can muster is every boring thing you’ve ever done before? That can’t happen, and we’re here to help you. Here are some tips and tricks that would help you bring your A-game on Valentine’s Day:

Turn up the passion

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a handful of sex positions that you can do, what matters is that you turn up the passion for Valentine’s Day. Be more sensual, responsive, and sensitive to your partner while having sex. As much as possible, keep your eyes engaged with each other, and your lips touching each other’s bodies. FEEL the moment and ride with it.

Never forget your essentials

preview-full-sex-in-kitchenIt would be a really awkward moment if you forget your essentials – condom, lube, hygiene. Never forget your essentials on Valentine’s Day – or on any day. EVER. Having your essentials in order is not just for your own sake, but also as a sign of respect for your partner. You wouldn’t want to be all hot and heavy, just to get interrupted by a missing condom. That would suck for you and for your girl.

Never be one and done

Unlike men, women can bounce back faster after having an orgasm. Don’t waste your night to sleep. 95% of women would prefer to have multiple orgasms in one night, especially on special nights like Valentine’s Day. If you can’t go multiple times on one night, take male enhancement pills like Sexual Overdrive that increases your sexual stamina. Do what you can to perform better. Your girl deserves it, and you will enjoy it even more.

Countertop Sex

We had a survey conducted to see which sex positions women love best, and one of the top results was ‘countertop sex’. Basically, you just have to sacrifice the comfort of the bedroom, and do it on the countertop with her legs wrapped around your torso. While this understandably has sufficient g-spot stimulation, I believe that it is the spontaneity to the deed that makes it even kinkier for women.

Car sex

preview-full-car-sex-640x431At this point in your life, you probably have your own place, and you wouldn’t want to scrimp on booking a hotel for the night. But to add kink to your night, why not do it in the car, even before you enter your place or check in to the hotel? Do it in the parking lot, or while you are inside the garage. It has a whole ‘I must have you right now’ vibe to it that turns men and women on. Have this for your first round, and go all-out in the bedroom once you’re done.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to let you and your partner enjoy an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Just keep in mind that you know your partner better than anyone else, and you probably know already what would make her scream for pleasure. Enjoy!

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