Reviewing Xylestril

by Robert Carver


Intended for female use, Xylestril’s primary function is for weight loss. But its manufacturer claims it can do much more than that. This includes easing PMS, increasing sexual desires, and eliminating acne. It also claims to provide better skin health and increased breasts. There’s only limited information about Xylestril’s manufacturer, though we’ve come to know that they have a similar product called Curvatrim. Xylestril and Curvatrim are both available on online stores and e-Bay. This is a typical strategy done by companies to prevent FTC assessment. Furthermore, Xylestril is said to be highly effective as a weight loss supplement that it can cut down your weight by 8-12 lbs. Though this seems a reach and it wouldn’t be safe for anyone’s health. The official site has a FAQ section. Strangely enough, it doesn’t adequately answer crucial questions to enlighten customers. Though there are reviews on the site, most are not so good, stating that the only effect they’ve seen is clearer skin, but nothing on the weight loss. Also, the manufacturer states that there’s a risk-free guarantee, but refund or return policies are nowhere to be seen on the website.

Product Information


Women's sexual desireOn the official site, the ingredients are presented, however, the precise amount of each ingredient in every pill are not. This is too bad because many customers rely on such information to be convinced whether to try a product or not. Leaving vital details out, especially about the ingredients and the amount can be discouraging among consumers.

Back to the components, these are: green tea, soy, chocolate, cinnamon, magnolia bark, ginger root, and dong quai. Chocolate here is actually chocamine, which comes from cocoa. It’s like chocolate sans the sugar or fat. The presence of green tea in the ingredients is a sight for sore eyes due to its antioxidant characteristics. However, it’s not really for weight loss. According to various testimonials, Xylestril doesn’t really contain ingredients that are crucial for weight loss and libido and breast size increase. Meanwhile, Xylestril can be an effective PMS reliever since dong quai is a well-known herb that’s been used for such purpose traditionally.  Still, the exact amount of this component is unheard of. Consumption of Xylestril is easy. Take a capsule twice to 4 times a day, or take 2 capsules two times per day just so have an alternative. Due to the presence of the caffeine in the Chocamine and green tea, it’s best to take it around 8 hours before you go for some shut-eye.

Good Points

The ingredients in Xylestril’s formulation are all natural.

Bad Points

Ingredients of XylestrilThe feedbacks on the internet aren’t very positive.

The company behind Xylestril failed to disclose the quantity of the ingredients. Their claims aren’t supported by clinical studies.

Exclusion of Hoodia Gordonii, an active component that’s effective in repressing appetite.

There’s a similar product made available by the same company.

Its claims seem to be over-the-top, specifically its promise of enlarging a woman’s breasts.

Final Verdict

The original price of Xylestril is $119.99, but the makers are stating it can now be purchased at only $39.99. The logic behind this huge markdown is unbeknown to us, but if you think about it just seems like a sales scheme to lure customers into buying the product. If you also think about it, for a self-proclaimed weight loss product that’s bombarded with poor reviews and no valid studies to back it up, $39.99 is already too pricey.

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