Relax Holy Basil Review – Does it Work?

by Robert Carver

Relax Holy Basil Review

Relax Holy Basil has officially become my all time favourite herb. You hear all the time about herbs that will bust stress or lower anxiety, but it’s never quite clear whether it’s just a placebo reaction or it’s really having an affect on your body. I can tell you right now, “Relax Holy Basil” WORKS because you can actually FEEL it work.

Some calming herbs make you drowsyHoly basil or “Tulsi Leaf” is what we like to call an “adaptogenic” herb meaning it works WITH your body to manage stress and take whatever is thrown at it. It’s kind of like putting on a cast when you break your arm. It “supports” your body and gives it a bit of a helping hand so to speak. This is very different from “mimetic” herbs that literally mimic certain hormones in the body. Adaptogens are incredibly safe to use because of their back seat nature. Out of all the adaptogens out there, holy basil takes the cake for relaxation and stress reduction.

Holy basil actually removes cortisol from the body. Do you know how toxic cortisol is to our health? It’s the number one cause behind heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue and low sex drive. When you take Relax Holy Basil on a regular basis you will notice drastic improvements in all areas of your health. I’ve noticed my anxiety levels have dropped dramatically and I’m able to handle stressful situations more easily. Things just don’t see to bother me as much. I also have tendencies to slip into depression and since taking Relax Holy Basil, I’ve definitely been more happy than I’ve been sad, and that’s saying something.Relaxed energetic

Since taking the recommended dose of Relax Holy Basil every day, I’ve been experiencing an energetic kind of relaxation. Not sure if that made sense…It makes me feel alert, yet calm. Focused would be a good word to describe it. It almost feels like an “instant zen”. You know that feeling you get after meditating for an hour? That’s what you will get from Relax Holy Basil. Those pangs you get in the pit of your stomach will go away. You will be less likely to worry and therefore will have a more positive outlook on your life.

Unlike some other calming herbs like camomile and passionflower, holy basil is non-drowsy. In fact it does the exact opposite. By demolishing cortisol, your body will now have energy stored up for more important things like exercise and socializing. It can be tiring when dealing with stress. Relax Holy Basil ushers the body through tough times and gives it a bit of a “break”.

I would absolutely recommend Relax Holy Basil as an everyday supplement. It’s incredibly safe and will only do good things for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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