Prostate Defense Review: Should I get it?

by Robert Carver
Prostate Defense Review: Should I get it?

Prostate Defense Outline

Almost half of all men at least 40 years old are diagnosed with prostate issues. One in every six American males are at high risk for developing prostate cancer. All men must implement measure to be proactive in their health.Polyuria is one the most prevalent prostate disorders and one of the common signs is dribbling urine. While maintaining health men should pay attention to the prostate as it is one of the first areas in jeopardy after 40.Prostate Defense was created to support the health of the prostate as well as correct issues in this area. The makers say that these properties were chosen to decrease arising problems and the greater risk of cancer of the prostate.

Prostate Defense Ingredients and Actions

Prostate Defense IngredientsStudies have shown that Saw Palmetto is effective in treating Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and can actually reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. It is said to also help with issues of urination without the unwanted effects of prescription drugs.

Stinging Nettle, also called Urtica Dioica, has demonstrated the capacity to treat urination problems associated with BPH and decrease the size of the prostate. Combined with Saw Palmetto, it is said to relieve the pain of urination as well.

Studies conducted in Japan found that Pumpkin Seed oil alleviates urinary issues from BPH and induced a deeper nightly sleep.

Pygeum Africanum is derived the bark of an African plum tree to reduce symptoms of BPH; promote anti-inflammatory actions; and reduce the frequency of nightly urination urges.

Lycopene is a known cancer fighter as a powerful free radical destroyer. It has shown the ability to stop tumorigenesis in its tracks and actually reverse it.

Vitamin E is also known for its free radical seek and destroy behavior and prevents the development of a number of different forms of cancer.

The manufacturer says that 2 capsules should be taken upon rising and another 2 before retiring.

Prostate Defense Advantages and Disadvantages

Prostate Defense AdvantagesProstate Defense Outline

Each ingredient has been scrutinized by the scientific community.

There is an abundance of positive feedback for its use.

Consumers who are not satisfied are offered their money back.

Prostate Defense Disadvantages

No clinical trials for the post market product are available.

Negative feedback is among the positive.

Headaches from Saw Palmetto sensitivity is a common complaint.

Order Spot

Consumers can visit,, or a number of other supplement sites to purchase this product. A single 120 count container is around $40 and supplies users for 30 days.

Last Vote

There is a great deal of positive feedback to be found for Prostate Defense and the individual components have been found effective by science. There are some negative reviews, but the majority of these are due to headaches as a side effect and even the users say this is because they are personally sensitive to it. North Star Nutritionals provides a monetary guarantee as well as a multiple purchase discount. It appears that this formula has potential in protecting the prostate.

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