Progentra Review – #1 Male Enhancement Pill?


What is Progentra?

Progentra - Male Enhancement Pill

One of the main things that we can say we love about our job is being offered the chance of trying and testing a new product before anyone else! A supplement will come to use first before it takes to the shelves, and we are the lucky ones who are chosen due to our valuable opinion as to whether or not a product is decent. Progentra is one specific item that we have had our hands on recently and is an upcoming male enhancement of the market today.

To be approached by a company who want to know what we think about a product they have made of this nature, there is no way we will hold back and honestly - we never have much faith to begin with. We have seen many formulas that claim to have the best effects just like Progentra and so automatically become skeptical, especially when it comes to unbranded supplements. Our reservations lie in not being overly impressed with any products of this kind that we have been asked to review and is just part of the perks of this line of work within this industry.

The prospect of finding a product that genuinely works, at this point, deemed unlikely, so we can say that we were not feeling optimistic despite the possibility.

Surprisingly, we got off to a good start. There were no bold claims about this remedy causing you to experience the best sex of your life like most other male enhancement pills. Instead, Progentra had very clear specifications about what we should expect to find regarding the results surrounding this particular formula. A full list of ingredients was provided, (which is unusual for us to see such detail), as well as a proof of all the relevant studies which had been conducted to prove that each substance involved worked both well and safely. Although Progentra uses a variety of the most common components found in a not of male enhancement supplements of the modern world, it was certainly obvious that what this product was striving for more than anything was the use of a perfect combination of ingredients. This is clearly what this company believe makes the significant difference to creating 100% flawless formula that will satisfy every customer.

Behind the making is a team that pushed to ensure that they were presenting us with all the relevant and necessary information. For us, reassurance lead to curiosity because so far, we were extremely satisfied and impressed with what we were coming to understand. At this point, we couldn't wait to give it a try!

With a much more optimistic yet objective approach, the only thing left to do now was to check that what this brand were attempting was, in fact, really going to be able to meet the expectations of their customers. We made no delay in scheduling our very thorough and particular testing procedure. Our process is the commencement of a full month as to ensure that we have the best perception of exactly what a product is, how well it is designed, and if it does properly function.

The results blew us away!

If you wish to see what we found, you can continue to read the rest of our review below:

The Science behind Progentra

Not entirely different from the products that happen to be already out there and available, Progentra has a similar concept to the existing. However, the focus is more about the combination of technologies it took to make the formula of Progentra a complete breakthrough.

Within the core of Progentra is the most important part of the formula, Accelerated Penile Expansion (or APEX) technology. This technology works extremely well thank to the fast-absorbing ingredients that work synergistically, which is what is fundamental for the process of penis enlargement and why this product works so well.

Progentra Male Enhancement Pill Effect

The use of this advanced APEX technology, is what generates a major chain reaction involving each fast-absorbing substance as well as the aphrodisiac blend. This amazing mix only takes 40 minutes after the first dose to take effect!

As soon as the aphrodisiac is in full swing, the vasodilator ingredients of Progentra’s formula begin in promoting a significant improvement to the blood that flows directly to the penis. There are several positive advantages including the elimination of inconveniences like Stenosis and Occlusion. These terrible ailments affect the arteries that supply the penis with blood.

By ensuring to continually take Progentra on a long-term basis, you are creating the opportunity for the penile chambers to expand. This happens because of the substantial increase in volume of blood allowed to flow directly to the penis. More blood means more frequent erections and this results in a permanently longer as well as thicker penis.

It does not end there - Progentra also has the incredible ability that allows men to last longer when involved in sexual activities! There are two different approaches which are used:

1. Free calcium blockers are in action as to prevent the penis from becoming flaccid while performing sexual intercourse
2. Hormone balancers enable men to gain full control of their orgasms!

The Benefits of Using Progentra

Penis size increaseUp to 5 inches in growth

Sex-Drive Increase

Semen Volume Increase

Energy Level Increase

The Ingredients of Progentra

What we have come to learn about Progentra is that there has been no changes with regards to their ingredients list in the space of time it took for us to test the product and so the company have ensured that this formula remains the same. The key ingredients involved in the making of this supplement are:

Muira Puama - Ptychopetalum

Most good enhancements have a ‘trigger’ ingredient and so the Miura Puama used within Progentra is just that. This substance is the most fast-acting component and that is why many other male enhancements decide to use it too, because of its active compounds which are found to be very quickly and easily absorbed. Due to this fact, users experience the benefits in a shorter space of time - some have even claimed to notice a difference as soon as 30 minutes from taking the first dose! Miura Puama is a flowering plant and herb is one of the three active PDE-5 inhibitors within this particular formula. It works to increase the potential of recurring erections inhibits a chain reaction which ultimately leads to the penis enlargement process.


This substance you may found to be widely used common day-to-day products such as bodybuilding supplements, anti-hair fall shampoos, hair growth solutions and more. L-arginine is the ingredient that is mainly used to increase blood flow directly to the penis. The formula of Progentra specifically uses a highly-concentrated version of L-Arginine and this extract generates a dramatic improvement to blood circulation, (especially for the arteries that supply blood to the penis). Overall, the effects of L-Arginine work in perfect synergy with all of the other aphrodisiacs that are found within the formula. Increasing the volume of blood that flows directly to the penis, every aphrodisiac is able to trigger neurotransmitters within the brain that will signal for the contraction of other blood vessels and this will concentrate the blood flow to the penis. With time, the increased volume of blood would ensure a permanent expansion of the corpora cavernosa, (which is otherwise known as the penile chambers). This is what guarantees to result in a longer and thicker penis!

Tongkat Ali

Another crucial and extremely potent herb used in this formula is Tongkat Ali. Tongkat ALi is the quintessential male enhancement ingredient. It fulfils three vital roles within the Progentra formula:
1. Boosting testosterone which enables the formula to increase as well as sustain the levels of the male hormone which will greatly improve sexual desire and endurance.
2. Assisting men to perform better in bed thanks to being a free calcium inhibitor. This trait prevents the flaccidity of the penis when in the action of making love.

Tribulus Terrestris - Eurycoma Longifolia

Cropped all around the world, this substance is a well known testosterone booster and is the primary aphrodisiac within the formula of Progentra. It works for a full 24 hours and is the third natural PDE-5 inhibitor included in the combination of ingredients. It's main task is working on various receptors which inhibit phosphodiesterase-5, (an enzyme that reduces cGMP and thus is responsible for causing erections to occur).

Maca Root - Lepidium Meyenii

Added to the combination within the Progentra formula is Maca Root due to it's effectiveness of being a hormone balancing agent. It ensures that any user will have the ability to go for as long as they wish in bed. As a powder this ;ingredient has been used for centuries to assist fertility. Therefore, its role in this product in particular is to inhibit key neurotransmitters in order to prevent a man from being able to bounce back to action after experiencing sexual climax. The key contributors of prolonging the refractory period are Prolactin and Oxytocin. This is the state of relaxation that a man would experience following an orgasm and cause him to lose interest in participating further with the extreme need to rest. With the help of Maca Root, these effects caused by the two natural chemicals that are released to affect a man’s libido, are reduced which will allow the continuation of sexual motivation and the ability to can gain full control over orgasm.

What Results can be Expected of Progentra?

After carefully considering our own encounter with Progentra, it is very easy to warrant that this product is effective and is certainly one of the best formulas available on the market today. We realize that we had our initial reservations about Progentra in the beginning,but after investigation we can conclude that the ingredients, technology and benefits are outstanding. All of our previous stipulations were quickly proved to be incorrect.

We are not obliged to test every free pill that comes our way and, in fact, we do carefully select and then provide an objective review of each formula that we pick. To be able to do this, first we must find willing volunteers, preferably those who have never taken a male enhancement pill before. The best part of testing Progentra was that there was not one volunteer who did not seem impressed with their results.

Measuring the influence of Progentra, we had to make sure to match it with every oath made by the company that indicated what to expect with regards to the results of using this product.

The first week was said that a user could expect to see a significant improvement to their sex drive and sexual endurance. Then, with the continuous use of up to a full month, the manufacturers stated that the size of the penis was to noticeably increase.

As far as our test subjects were concerned, the most impressive effect of Progentra was that it enhanced sensitivity surrounding sexual stimulus. There was an overwhelming response from each participant, claiming that sex was starting to feel much more pleasurable than ever before and that their sexual endurance incredible. No one had any problems with keeping an erection during sexual intercourse.

Progentra Has a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


It only took one month to become blown away with Progentra. That is why we had to have it for ourselves! What was even more surprising, was the fact that our contact in which we purchased Progentra from exclusively, we found ourselves covered by a 100% money back guarantee as well!

If there is a better way to prove your customer loyalty then please share! Otherwise this company is literally saying: “We are so confident that our product works well that we can promise you 100% your money back if it fails.”

All purchases made via the website of Progentra are covered by this money back guarantee, too! It is a fact thought, that would be unlikely for Progentra to fail in meeting any expectations of a customer. However, if this happened you could give their friendly customer care team a quick call to find someone willing to assist you with gaining a full refund. This procedure is made completely stress free and without the usual hassle you get from most other companies!

To Conclude:

In all honestly, we have never had the chance to be so excited about a new male enhancement supplement before we had the pleasure of encountering Progentra. In the past, we have come across some pretty good products, that being said, we have found nothing that comes close to Progentra. The breakthrough penis enlargement formula is just one of those things that you would imagine should have been thought of a long time before now.

Not only is Progentra sensational as a product, it is also reasonable in price and affordable too . . . And if you make sure to buy in bulk via the website ASAP you will receive the best discount deal offered from the company immediately!

You too can experience Progentra for yourself today. If you do buy Progentra, please feel free to let us know how it works for you!