Procera AVH Review- Should I get it?

by Robert Carver
Procera AVH Review- Should I get it?

Procera AVH Summary

The brain may be viewed as a complicated computer which powers an amazing machine.

If it does not receive proper care, it will begin to show malfunction signs such as consistent forgetfulness.

As time progresses, so does the malfunction, if it is not addressed. Not only will the issue continue, but worsen as time goes on.

Brain Research Labs is the maker of a supplement called Procera AVH which it created to assist those suffering from various neurological deficiencies.

Josh Reynolds and Dr. Keller are co-leaders of the research team at BRL and lent a guiding hand during the design phase of the supplement.

Through Australian trials Procera AVH has shown to be a potential treatment effective for such disorders.

Ingredient Actions of Procera AVH

proceraavh-ingredientsandfunctions-brainfogThree central ingredients create the cohesive formula in Procera AVH which addresses neurological disorders.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, an acetylated version of L-Carnitine, increases the brain’s blood flow and provides the power of vial antioxidants. It is responsible for the synthesis of a number of important neurotransmitters. One is called choline which is essential to many cognitive functions.

Huperzine A is an alkaloid known to be a cognition enhancer. It supports the health of and protects neural cells. It reinforces cell membranes as well as the formation and retention of memories.

Vinpocetine is a chemical compound that oversees neural cell development by transporting the correct nutrients and enforcing the plasma membrane. This also enables them to communicate at optimal capacity.

Three pills make a dose and should always be consumed with at least a snack. There should be at least six hours between sleep and the last dose.

Credits and Debits of Procera AVH

Credits of Procera AVH

The Australian clinical trials were criticized in the scientific world for being too small to be used as proof.

Brain Research Labs provides a refund to those who are not happy with their purchase.

There are a number of places online where consumers can read about the Australian research studies.

Debits of Procera AVH

proceraavh-disadvantages-highbloodpressureBrain Research Labs was sued for not meeting the claims made about Procera AVH and settled out of court.

The Australian trials for this supplement were said to be of insignificant size by the science community.

A number of users were not happy with the result from Procera AVH.

It has caused increased blood pressure in several consumers.

Brain Research Labs will not disclose how much of each ingredient is included in their formula.

Order Spot

Customers can visit the GNC or Amazon webpages to purchase Procera AVH. Several vitamin and health supplement companies offer order forms on their respective sites as well.

A direct order form is located on the webpage and costs are listed below.

A bottle of 60 capsules is $34.95.

A bottle containing 90 capsules costs $49.95.

Consumers can save a bit by ordering 3 bottles, each containing 90 capsules, at a cost of $139.95.

Final Thoughts

It does not appear to be beneficial, or even wise, to purchase Procera AVH. Court proceedings show it is not as effective as claimed and it cause negative side effects to blood pressure.

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