New Research Suggest Marijuana Lowers Cancer Risk in Men 

by Robert Carver

If there were any more reasons to start smoking weed again, this is a great time to start, guys. For men, nothing is more important than being healthy, especially when you get older. And there’s also nothing more important than keeping away annoying cancer cells that could kill you and put you in an early grave.

According to new research released by the CDC, marijuana has been shown to significantly reduce the growth rate of cancer cells in men, whether it was in the prostate or in the brain. Smoking it or eating it showed promise under strict conditions, and 90% of the participants in the study saw serious relief from their conditions.

In people with cancer, marijuana can slow the progress of their cancer, and allow the chemo to work more effectively. This is great news for people suffering from cancer. In addition, for people who don’t have cancer, smoking marijuana can prevent cancer from forming, and it can actually provide your body with helpful nutrients for warding off other serious abnormalities.

Slows Down Cancer and Relieves Pain

For men, this is a serious help, especially if you know what cancer feels like, as well as chemo. Chemo is radiation that is meant to kill the cancer cells in the body and help you fight the awful tumor inside of you.

But while chemo is good for this purpose, there are a ton of side-effects that you don’t want to be dealing with. For instance, when you’re in your first week of chemo, you’ll experience severe nausea and some pain on the inside of your body.

Smoking weed daily when you’re doing this has been shown to reduce the prevalence of both of these terrible symptoms.

Controls Seizures

There are studies out there that show that marijuana use helps control seizures from happening, or make them less severe. For people who suffer from this very often, this is a godsend.

May Reverse Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco use is horrible for your health, and you’re constantly putting carcinogens into your body. Not only do these add up over time, but they can reduce your lung function and promote the growth of cancer in the body.

By smoking marijuana regularly, you can actually reverse the negative effects of tobacco smoke. Since cigarettes often contain over a hundred different chemicals and marijuana joints contain barely any, if at all, you’re able to clear out your lungs in a healthier way.

Of course, a vaporizer is a better idea!

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