Maximum Clarity Review

by Robert Carver

About Maximum Clarity

America-based company LNV Health is behind the creation of the new brain enhancement product Maximum Clarity. This product is said to improve significant brain functions, such as the ability for recollection and attention.  LNV Health, which is not new in the development of supplements t hat intends to improve overall health through enhancement of the brain, said this product can provide results within 4 days. This is unlike other supplements that take a great deal of time to make the effects visible.

The product can be acquired through This is presently available at $24.95. Holding a premium membership qualifies for free shipping in the US. Discounts are also offered by applying for a promo code at the checkout counter.

What are the Features?

Brain enhancement supplementFAST EFFECTS – The effects of Maximum Clarity are pretty much fast. Brain functions such as memory and focus encounter progress in just days, unlike other products that take months.

GUARANTEED SAFE & NATURAL – The natural components in the product ensures its safety. No adverse reactions have been found and the substances here are of purest quality.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – This brain enhancement supplement is asserted to generate fast results that the manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee just in case the product doesn’t live up to its promise.

RECOLLECTION – With the use of this product, you get to experience life more as your memory is enhanced and you get to remember the ones lost (within 5 years).

EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS – Using Maximum Clarity guarantees better focus and concentration. You don’t even have to wait long because the results can be felt within days.

The formulation includes:

24% (50mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract)

125 milligrams of Phosphatidylserine Complex

100mg of Bacopin 100 mg

50mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine

250mg of hypericine

150mg of L-glutamine hcl

50mg of DMAE Bitartrate

2mg of Vinpocetine

How the Product Works?

Ingredients of Maximum ClarityThis brain enhancement supplement uses two of its key components – one is the Ginkgo Biloba. It has been shown that the absorption of its extracts in the brain can guarantee a cognitive boost. The second is the Phosphatidylserine Complex. Thanks to this substance, we’re able to learn, think, and use our memory with more ease. Generally, Maximum Clarity is a safe supplement due to its natural ingredients. These ingredients are also pure, no filter whatsoever, just a powerful combination of antioxidants. The antioxidants are the ones that verify if the hormones responsible for improved brain abilities really work as they’re supposed to.


Unlike other products, this supplement doesn’t bring a feeling of unease because the ingredients are natural

Since the product is naturally and organically made, side effects are unknown

Offers refund within 30 days

Best results can be anticipated to show up within a few days

The ingredients underwent studies and trials, deeming them helpful in the development of the brain


The product is amazing, still issues regarding its shipping delays must be acknowledged and rectified. Plus, the retailers are quite limited, which many find inconvenient.

Proper Dosage and Use

To see maximum results, take 2 Maximum Clarity capsules every day. Taking more than 2 is a no-no. It is also important to note that Maximum Clarity is not fit for breastfeeding moms and pregnant women. To ensure the safety of the product, don’t use if the seal is broken. Also, consultation with your doctor is recommended to be advised on its proper use.


Maximum Clarity is both safe and effective. Thus, it is a highly-recommended brain enhancement product because the components in its formula have been shown to make progress in terms of cognitive functions.


As of now the reviews are scarce which is understandable because it’s a new product. Its release actually is intended to give customers the best option when it comes to brain enhancement products since the products out there are low in quality and take ages to work. But pretty soon incredible feedback will be available at Amazon as those who have acquired locally have already given it a 5-rating.

Final Thoughts

Maximum Clarity is a dietary supplement that’s focused on improving cognitive functions, such as memory and focus. It’s also known to increase your energy. Manufactured by a company with a solid reputation of product development aiming to improve physical and mental capacities, Maximum Clarity sure is credibly effective. Plus, this brain supplement is too effective you can see the results for yourself in just a few days. It can be said that this is unprecedented, thus, we can only expect for people to go crazy over this new brain supplement.

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