Katana V3 Review – All-in-One Powder

Katana V3 Review – All-in-One Powder

Katana V3 Review

Komodo Neutraceuticals creates bodybuilding supplements for those who seek out as much information as they can and want to know exactly what they put in their body. They also cater to those who want to make sure they get only the best ingredients possible. Komodo is known for their formulas made to increase strength, endurance, energy, and size.

The Katana V3, however, is a product they have specifically designed to do all of these things. It’s chocked full of ingredients to give you strength, endurance, pump, and energy and according to Komodo you won’t need to cycle off or rest from taking this product either. They also say it will be the only pre-workout supplement you need forever. I’m always hesitant to believe statements like this, but they do have quite a few effective ingredients.

AmentoflavoneTo enhance endurance they include Agmatine Sulfate, which aids in the improvement of glycogen storage. There’s also L-Citrulline to help with aerobic endurance and reducing soreness, and then there’s some Peppermint Extract to help with endurance and increase the time to exhaustion by 25%.

For help with strength they use Amentoflavone to increase calcium release and enhance the force of muscle contraction.

Then we come to Agmatine Sulfate again, which is also used for pumps and muscle fullness in addition to the endurance properties. Also for pump there is an ingredient named Hydra-Vask to increase the volume of plasma and increase fluid in the blood stream. L-Citruline and Amentoflavone are also listed in the ingredients and have properties that will benefit overall pump results.

Which brings us to the last category. Focus and energy. For this you will find caffeine to help with concentration and Cognizin to help permeate the blood-brain barrier and assist with mind to muscle connection. Also for energy and focus you’ll get L-Tyrosine and Amentoflavone which can also help decrease anxiety symptoms.

Does Katana sound like something you’d like to try? If so, you will just need to mix one scoop with water and take it a half hour before working out. Another major benefit to Katana V3 is that this particular product has everything you need in a pre-workout formula, making it easier when taking supplements before workout routines. Instead of sorting through a mountain of options, you have most of them compiled in one easy-to-use powder. I also like to note that Katana V3 doesn’t use only caffeine-related products for energy, instead they also add in nootropics to assist with focus and energy.

PeppermintextractThere are a couple of customer reviews that say drowsiness can occur and also that the taste is unbearable, but taste isn’t the most important factor for me and only a few people complained about drowsiness, which makes me wonder if it’s something else they are doing that causes that.

Katana V3 does seem to be worth trying, especially given the all-in-one quality. They have plenty of really favorable reviews and a very faithful following. I do think, perhaps, that the strength area of this product could use a little improvement before it can genuinely be an all-in-one option.

It is a little pricey, but nothing crazy expensive. So, yes, I would overall recommend Katana V3 as a good choice if you need an all-in-one pre-workout powder. It’s a decent option at a pretty affordable price given all of the ingredients included. If you try it and find it to be a really good experience, be sure to let us know. We’d love to hear all about it!

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