Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) – Does it work well?

by Robert Carver

Do not give in to old age like a bad job, age gracefully! Find yourself a supplement to help tackle any issue that you feel are affecting your daily life and keep yourself in shape!

Today, there are a stack of holistic products that you can choose from to help manage any inconveniences that may cross your path, whether it be a health issue physically or mentally.

To assist you and inform you we have made reviews with the relevant information to guide you into finding the right remedy for you.

What is the product?

Methyl B12 is a formula which focuses on the use of Methylcobalamin (also known as Methyl B12), which is proven to absorb quicker in the human body. It is the best form of B vitamin because it also is well retained by the body. Like all of the other vitamins it contains cobalt, a crucial mineral.

By using Methyl B12, scientists say that norepinephrine will make adrenaline hormones and serotonin will produce melatonin. Clinical testing shows that this substance will increase body temperature and incur alertness because it can convert harmful amino acids like homocysteine into antioxidants like methionine.

People who are said to have the most advantages from using this supplement are those who have diabetic neuropathy. The ingredients treat and prevent anemia, work towards the improvement of the immune system and create red blood cells.

In addition, this product protects nerve tissues and brain cells, rectifies sleeping disorders, promises to help health and improve eye function.

On top of this it also acts as a metabolic and therapeutic holistic remedy which makes it different from any other brain enhancer.

Ingredients and the formula

methylb12-ingredients-stearicacidAnyone with Leber’s disease should avoid this product. Although all ingredients are natural substances that should not cause allergic reactions it is best to be aware that there is a slight chance Methyl B12 could cause certain side effects to the hearing or polycythemia vera.

All of the ingredients involved are as follows: Lemon Flavor, Citric Acid, Xylitol, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.

Vitamin B12 is the main ingredient as it is absorbed into the bloodstream and is one of the most vital nutrients for the brain. Once this substance reaches the body and is transported to the brain it is then filtered and enhances cognitive functions.


For sixty lozenges that you have a choice of chewing or dissolving in water you will only pay $12.10. The recommended daily amount is one and so this will get you around a two month supply. There are packs options available.

To conclude:

methylb12-conclusion-bloodclots (1)Methyl B12 can cause side effects for sensitive people and therefore it is better to be advised by a doctor.

A more potent and safe product is Brain Gain – if you are looking for something a little more reliable and effective you could stretch you budget to $19.95 and buy the leading brain enhancement supplement choice of today.

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