Is Androgel for Real?

by Robert Carver

At a Glance

Androgel is basically claimed as a distinctive testosterone booster that comes in the form of a gel. Its primary component is testosterone, apparently, and can be utilized to cure numerous symptoms linked to reduced testosterone levels, including andropause, diminishing sex drive, and other loss of sexual capacities. The product also has a 1 percent concentration of testosterone. This review will discuss Androgel’s claims, features, mechanisms, and other important factors comprehensively. Technically, Androgel is a regulated component.

Getting to Know

Is Androgel for Real?Based on the assertions of its manufacturer, Androgel is a unique kind of testosterone gel possessing 1.62 percent potency. It is meant as an addition to one’s every day hormone replacement therapy or HRT. The purpose, of course, is to boost or stabilize testosterone’s blood levels in men. Health-wise, it is recommended by doctors to cure or deal with these issues:
Andropause (male menopause)
Hypogonadism (low testosterone in males)
Decreased sex drive / sexual incapacities

Customer Feedbacks

Based on an autonomous survey performed online, this product appears to be a legitimate and effectual solution that has scientific evidence, as well as FDA sanction. It is also widely supported by many consumers and reviewers.

Ingredient Profile

The components in Androgel are as follows:

1 percent concentration of testosterone
Alcohol as a non-medical component

Product Mechanism

It is used by putting locally on the skin of the upper arm or shoulder. Upon application, the active component in the product is dispersed via skin in order to penetrate the blood stream. As soon as it is straightforwardly assimilated in the blood, the testosterone in Androgel starts to make up for the deteriorating levels of the current testosterone present in the system.


Is Androgel for Real?Androgel is ideal for men who are seeking for a topical solution for declining testosterone levels.
It is fitting for those who want to steer clear of injectables.
This product can also be recommended by a physician to cure a concealed sickness.

It is important to note that Androgel is not herbal or natural cure for declining testosterone levels. It’s also not some sort of an immediate remedy to increase your testosterone levels. Lastly, Androgel is not ideal for those below 18 or above 65 years old.


Androgel is manufactured by Abbot, a highly recognized pharmaceutical company all over the globe.
Androgel has an FDA approval, which means it’s totally safe for human use.
Its safety percentage is high in contrast with many injectable testosterone products since you only need to apply a tiny quantity of it on the skin.
For long-term use, Androgel is reasonably priced compared with other options like the injectables.
Since its use is topical, application there’s no hassle or pain.
Its product site has helpful information to be used by doctors and patients alike.
Androgel is scientifically supported.


Bear in mind that Androgel isn’t herbal remedy. It’s a synthetic pharmaceutical formulation. Because it is used for topical application, it may generate skin-related adverse reactions such as allergies and rash, among others. Androgel also may not be as fast-acting as testosterone injections are. It could also produce some adverse reactions, such as BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, peculiarly increased quantity of body hair, breasts growth, acne, and sleep apnea, among others.

Final Verdict

Androgel can be effectual, but its application and use would be more ideal if it is prescribed by your physician. As mentioned, it’s not herbal, but rather a synthetic pharmaceutical solution. In general, Androgel can work as long as used properly and with your doctor’s recommendation to cure certain medical problems.

Proceeding into using Androgel without professional advice can pose risk to your health because of the adverse reactions associated with this treatment. This is in addition to the fact that Androgel is priced quite highly and it has a deviant or unnatural formulation. If not prescribed to you, it’s wiser to explore natural and more harmless alternatives that will not only cure the primary cause of testosterone inadequacy, but will also treat the related symptoms of diminishing sex drive and loss of sexual capacities in men.

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