Increase your libido by pleasing your partner

by Robert Carver

Most men believe that if you are lacking a healthy libido then you have got some sexual issues that can be cured only through external help like taking medications or undergoing some special treatment. Although, using libido boosters can help you bring back your healthy libido but it is also possible to increase your libido with our partner. Your sexual time with your woman is very important and if you are worried about your slowly decreasing libido then it is obvious that both of you are not spending enough time on your sexual activity.

Pleasing your woman can prove to be very helpful in increasing your sex drive. The more time you will spend in pleasing her with all kinds of titillating tricks, the more your libido will increase. As you will begin to observe her enjoying what you are doing for her, this feeling will create a sense of confidence in your mind and will work in removing your doubts regarding your performance in bed. As sex is not only a physical thing and involves a lot of emotions that goes on in your mind, so this new confidence will start working to give rise to your sex drive.

In order to make this technique more effective, you are required to spend more time in foreplay. Every woman loves foreplay and when you see your woman enjoying the foreplay it will make you turned on very quickly. But don’t rush things right after you get your erection because in this way, you will not be able to take advantage of your time to increase your libido. Keep on extending the time of foreplay while making sure you are still turned on. This will allow you to get in the practice of retaining your libido in a healthy way. You can also search for new ideas for pleasing your partner through various sources and apply them during your intimate time.

Your sex drive is not dependent on your body alone. It has a lot to do with the relationship you have with your partner. It has often been observed that couples who are married to each other for a long time begin to lose their sex drive at some point because they begin to take their sexual time as a chore that needs to be done. But, after spicing up their relationship with a romantic vacation or other methods they begin to feel their old sex drive coming back to them and it all took place without the involvement of any external drug. So, it is obvious that your sex drive depends a lot on the relationship you living. If it has become monotonous then try to bring in some spark by going on a romantic dinner or spending your weekend in a romantic place. Even going on an adrenaline boosting adventurous journey with your partner can bring back the old spark you had. So, make sure you don’t let your sexual energy get lost in a life lacking vitality. Always find new ways to keep the romantic flame burning in your relationship.

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