How To Protect Your Heart

by Robert Carver

To make sure your heart is ticking over and continues to be in fine fettle, you might be tempted to pay your doc a visit and ask him what he’d recommend. But doctors are busier than ever before, and if you go in there looking for all the answers, you’re gonna be mighty disappointed when he simply tells you to “exercise more.”

If he’s got a bit of time on his hands, he’ll also tell you to watch your diet and stop smoking. Then he’ll smile and tell you to have a nice day.

Right. You could have just stayed in and your wife would have told you the same damned thing.

Now, whilst doc’s know a lot of stuff when it comes to your heart, and whilst we’re not claiming to be heart surgeons or nothing, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that are based on scientific studies to help you protect your heart like it’s the most vital organ you’ve got (um, it is – ed).

Watch A Horror Movie 

This heart-protecting thing sure sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Anything that makes your heart race, makes it stronger. Watching a couple of teens get butchered in dense woodlands is the ideal way to make your heart as strong as Hercules. We recommend The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist. Absolute classics.

Have A Steak 

That’s right, bud, this heart-protecting thing just keeps on getting better. Not only do you get to watch maniacs with chainsaws, but you also get to do it whilst eating a steak.

You see, a steak is saturated in immunity-boosting selenium – which is great for strengthening that little beauty nestled inside your ribcage.

Tell Your Family To Quit Smoking 

Or if you live with friends, tell them to quit too. Or at least leave the house when lighting up a cigarette. Passive smoking is a known cause of heart disease, so if you don’t want to end up in a coffin anytime soon, talk to your friends and family about their smoking habits.

Get On Your Bike 

If you’re depressed, you’ve got a big chance of developing heart disease. One of the best ways to treat the blues is to exercise, and one of the most uplifting ways to exercises is to get on your bike and head out into the country. Try it, it’s good for the soul as well as the heart.


Meditation is another way to kick depression’s ass. Even if you meditate for just 20 minutes a day, you’ll be doing yourself a big favour.

Punch A Bag 

Unleashing your anger is a great way to cut the risk of developing heart disease in heart. Naturally, we wouldn’t want you to take your anger out on an innocent passer-by, so we recommend investing in a punch bag.

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