How to Get a Friend with Benefits and Actually Pull It Off

by Robert Carver
How to Get a Friend with Benefits and Actually Pull It Off

Popular opinion used to state that men and women can’t really be friends without letting sex get in the way. That may have been true a few decades ago but nowadays, more girls than ever are “DTF”. Blame feminism, blame the internet, all you know is that you are also “DTF”. So how do you get one of those “friends with benefits” and actually pull it off? Here is everything you need to know.

Don’t do it with an actual FRIEND

friends with benefits-lay down the lawThis is where the term “friends with benefits” gets a little skewed. You don’t want to make a move on your friend in hopes of engineering one of these “casual” situations. Realize that there is a reason you are in the friend-zone in the first place. It’s because she only sees you as a, yes…friend…not a friend she wants to bang. There’s a difference. If you have no interest in an actual relationship and are only looking for a f*ck buddy, then do it with someone new and unknown. Find a girl online who says she is looking for something casual. A lot of girls will say they’re ok with it, but when the time comes they’re really not. So make sure you choose wisely.

Lay down the law

Let her know you don’t want a relationship, but you still want something casual. Being sure of what you want trumps any other nonsense you come up with to “trick” her into bed. Presenting your stance with confidence will make her respect you and nothing is more attractive to a woman. Give her the chance to voice her feelings on the matter. Be ok with it either way. You can always find someone else.

No mushy stuff

friends with benefits-nomush-stuffIf you “say” that you truly don’t want a relationship then don’t act like it, because the second you do she will sense incongruency, lose trust and leave. Don’t “pretend” you’re in a relationship. No kisses goodbye or romantic gestures. You will just confuse her and make her frustrated. On the other hand, don’t treat her like a full on bro. Sex is an act of trust between two people and can make you really close, really quickly. You should try to be extra sensitive to her feelings while still just treating her like a friend. Be available and open to talk about about deeper things, but don’t smother her. Remember the intention behind the relationship is to have fun together, that’s it.

Make it all about her

When you’re having sex with your “friend”, make it worth her while. Tell her how hot she is. Make her feel like a million bucks. If you compliment her, always make it about her body. I know, I know…but women are so much more than just their body! They know that, but anything else and she may think you’re falling in love with her and then bounce. Tell her how hard you get for her, how amazing she feels, how she’s a total queen! The constant validation will make the casualness of the sex worthwhile to her.

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