How Safe and Effective is Excitol?

by Robert Carver

Excitol – General Idea

This particular product is a male enhancement one that purports to rectify your sexual weaknesses by just popping a pill of Excitol. It even asserts to be one of the top-tier supplements in the industry, thanks to its comprehensive list of potent components.

If you think about it, it’s not unusual for companies to make strong assertions about their products. Many even resort to making audacious claims just to garner people’s attention. For those customers who are easily swayed by over-the-top claims, this technique can work. On the other hand, many consumers are now wiser and prefer to dig deeper before purchasing a product. It is also important to note that when companies make exaggerated claims about their products, they also make their products look unreliable, in a way. Besides, about 60 percent of the male enhancement pills in the present industry use similar components with the distinction of dose, potency, and quality of components.

Get Acquainted with Excitol


The product makes a lot of assertions with regards to its efficacy in improving one’s sexual functions and performance. Here are they:

Increase your penis by about 4 inches
Enhance your sexual desire
Improve the firmness of your erection
Boost the amount of semen
Heighten sexual satisfaction
Heighten sexual endurance

Excitol Consumers

Users of Excitol are those men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and other sexual dilemmas that make it harder for them to perform and enjoy sex. Despite some exaggeration in the product’s assertions, there are actually customers who believe in what the product can do and how it can be the solution to end their sexual problems.

How Efficient Is Excitol?


Based on the information on their official site, it’s pretty apparent how Excitol has spent a great deal of time and efforts with their online marketing ploys. On our part, we had to ensure that Excitol is without a doubt efficient. This can also help customers know the real deal about the product. Since it is normal for companies to make claims about their product, it’s only righteous that we find out the truth in the claims made. So, we performed our very own laboratory tests and group trials to see if this product tells the truth about its features and functions.

Essentially, we weigh Excitol and its effects against a placebo, as well as another male enhancement product. The outcome of the trials was just what we had anticipated. The effects generated by Excitol cannot keep up with the efficacy of the other male enhancement product that was used in the test.

When compared with the group who took placebo, only 5 percent of those who used Excitol did encounter some notable difference with regards their sexual functions and performance. Furthermore, it was astonishing to find out that between Excitol and the other male enhancement product, 100% of participants who used both products reported that they were more satisfied with the results given by the other product than the effects delivered by Excitol, if there were any. Many of the participants also said they would love to keep using this other product even after the tests conclude.

What Are the Components Present?

The efficacy of a product depends on the components involved in the formulation. As for Excitol, here are its components:

Horny Goat Weed
Rhodiola Root
Longjack Root
Muira Puama
Oyster Extract

The components in Excitol are truly remarkable with vasodilators and prosexual nutrients. This really shows promise. But considering its enormously conventional dosage of 3:1, there may not be any significant results. It is probable that most of the nutrients in Excitol’s formula were inadvertently removed during the gathering of the components due to old chemical segregation methods.

What’s the Bottom Line?

For one, Excitol is one of those male enhancement supplements you would hope to bring remarkable effects in terms of better sexual capacities and performance. It’s good that the ingredients in Excitol are clinically proven to deliver results for an improved sexual health, but there may be issues with the tactics practiced in collecting the nutrients from its components. This may be the reason why Excitol lacks the efficiency to bring out notable results.

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