by Edward Johnson

A lot of men are rather interested in foods for libido boosts than indulging in drugs which may be surrounded by one or two side effects in the long run or even immediately.

Here I will list a couple of those foods powerful enough for the boost you are looking for.


You might think you do not need to pay attention to such things as men age, naturally, their sex drive deteriorates. Most especially for men involved in smoking or alcohol, it is advised to take into consideration, what you incorporate into your diet that will help keep the drive going.



Boosting your sexual drive will also result in better sexual performance. This is because of the increase in your hormonal level.

Some of the foods that will be mentioned will increase your bodily fluids while others will strengthen your stamina. Some will as well reduce your estrogen level which helps maintain a hard erection for pleasing the women.



Testosterone levels are directly connected to sex drive in men. It means that increasing or maintaining the body’s natural testosterone levels is something you need to focus on if you are interested in boosting your sex drive. To increase or maintain the testosterone levels, proper rest, and eating the right foods are important. Boosting your testosterone levels also helps in weight management, therefore improving your physical appearance.



Boosting testosterone levels and improving sexual performance will result in boosting your self-confidence. This can either be from the biochemical reactions in your system of the nutrients from consumed foods that maintain a good hormonal balance or the psychological effect of knowing you are capable of peak performance in your sexual life.


  1. Oystersoysters


These are popularly known as the best food for boosting sex drive. Oysters are also known as foods that sexually turn you on. The mineral zinc present in oysters helps reduce estrogen levels, produce and maintain high testosterone levels. Oysters also increase amino acids which increase testosterone.


  1. Garlic


Garlic has a huge effect on libido, sexual performance, and maintaining strong hard erections. Garlic is also popular for increasing blood circulation.


  1. Shrimp


Shrimps are very effective for increasing libido. They are very tasty and packed with nutrients that help with sexual performance. Vitamin A content produces optimal erections.


  1. Walnuts


Walnuts contain arginine, an amino acid that helps your erection by increasing the nitrogen monoxide in the blood vessels. Walnuts also positively affect your blood circulation.


  1. Mangoes


The fruit has been used in Southeast Asia for so many years as sexual enhancement food. Mangos help to improve your performance all round, whether in bed or just random activities due to the vitamins and minerals present in it. Vitamin E is one of the major antioxidants found in mangoes. The fruit is known to be prescribed for increasing sperm count.


  1. Sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes contain efficient amounts of potassium which regulates high blood pressure. They are also good for stress relief, an optimal factor for healthy testosterone production.


  1. Fish heads


The minerals found in fish heads aid the production of optimal hormones such as dopamine and testosterone. Also, omega-3 oil is an essential nutrient for increasing your sex drive.


  1. Broccoli


Broccoli has been found to contain dietary compounds that reduce estrogen levels in males. This vegetable contains many other minerals and vitamins that support your sexual health and allows for proper flow in all organs.


  1. Red meat


The oxygen-filled iron in red meat aids blood building and circulation. Red meat is loaded with arginine, which dilates blood vessels even in the genital area. Red meat has been known to increase testosterone, sexual vigor, and performance.




These seeds are loaded with zinc which aids high testosterone levels and helps reduce estrogen levels which in all boosts the sex drive. Pumpkin seeds also contain the amino acid called arginine, which is helpful for a hard erection.

Some factors that affect the sexual performance and drive in men include stress, smoking, alcoholism, illicit drug use, aging, fatigue, junk or unhealthy food, lack of certain nutrients and minerals, a side effect to certain medications, some kind of disorder or medical conditions.


NOTE:  All the foods, fruits, and vegetables mentioned above will boost your sexual drive if all conditions are normal. However, it is important for your first line of action when an abnormality is observed to be visiting a physician or doctor for a diagnosis, especially if the problem persists even after incorporating the food items in your diet.






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