Entrepreneurial Vision: What Is It?

by Robert Carver
thinking about entrepreneural ideas and vision

Many new entrepreneurs may wonder how they can scale their business and still keep their entrepreneurial spirit running throughout. They may wonder how they can modify their business to bring in more customers and talent. The answer is vision. When a company’s vision is crystal clear, compelling, and concisely communicated, stakeholders of all kinds will flock to that company.

But, what is vision?

A paraphrase, the dictionary states it is the ability to physically see, envision something, or hold a picture or dream in your mind. Wikipedia’s definition is much shorter, it states that vision involves the ability to predict future market trends and plan for them, i.e. to have foresight.

While these are excellent definitions, they may not capture the full impact of the word when it is applied to the entrepreneurial spirit. More accurately, vision is the never-exhausted energy that thrums through the founder, co-founder, and his/her closest colleagues. The vision propels them to reach for more, explore more, challenge more, fight for more, and succeed more than anyone could have expected.

The culture of a company is defined by the vision.

entrepreneur with a vision with employees in backgroundIt is the basic thread that goes through every member of the company and keeps them focused on the goal. Through expectations, norms, and duties, the culture places each person under the same umbrella, heading to the same destination. Without the vision, there would be no foundation to build the company on. If someone in the company is unable to see the vision, that person may become a disengaged employee and will perform his/her duties with little concern for the larger picture.

The person most responsible for upholding the spirit of the vision is the entrepreneur.

As the head of the company, he/she must always show the energy and passion the vision was built on. Often, the CEO is the originator of the vision, so holds the strongest emotional bond with the company and its success. The CEO’s duties include inspiring, motivating, and pushing the company to endure all ups and downs that may come. When the CEO leads with strength, positivity, and unbridled grit, he/she builds an enthusiastic company barreling toward tomorrow.

Many successful entrepreneurial endeavors have propelled their companies to monumental success through passion and a clear vision. When they began their company they may have already known what they wanted it to look like in the future. Their vision was clear, ambitious, and they would do whatever it took to reach their aspirations. They may have envisioned the number of potential users, how the company would serve the world, and who they would need to create their company.

To scale their businesses so they would reach the world, these entrepreneurs followed a similar course to preserve their vision.

They ensured the basic startup spirit was maintained, while also empowering excellent people to spread the vision. By building a network of passionate and competent team members they could simplify the process of reaching stakeholders. Keeping their startup spirit within their growing company also helped them gather customers due to their approachability. Though they had grown very large, they still maintained the feeling of a small business.

Not only is it important to define and champion your company’s vision, you must be able to turn your vision into a tangible item and share it with others. Being able to spread your vision is crucial to the success of your business. In order to gain loyal customers and employees, you need to instill the passion, dedication, energy, and drive to a large audience. By inspiring them to see the potential of the future you will secure their dedication to your brand. If you are unable to share your vision and make others believe in it, then scaling your business will be very difficult, if not impossible. You must gather others and resonate your vision within them. They will then go into the world and inspire others to believe in your company.

The entrepreneurial vision is the backbone of all other successes of the company.

vision goal action to successEvery endeavor must start with an idea that can be made real in the minds of others. This idea must solve a problem customers either knew they needed solved or didn’t. Perhaps better than solving a known problem is to solve an unknown problem. When you provide an innovative solution to a problem not recognized, the realization of this problem may help your company scale faster. Word of your solution will spread quickly because the problem is unearthed and solved at the same time.

Visionary leaders may operate under this mindset.

Rather than filling an existing need, they fill a need that is overlooked because it has become a void. They communicate with a potent mixture of will, integrity, and energy that combines related ideas into one cohesive and innovative purpose. When discussing their vision, they outline the future with groundbreaking methods to make it happen. This shows they are both practical and creative, which assures investors they have the foresight to modify the future and are also flexible enough to handle any changes.

Visionary leaders are often charming.

Their passion, approachableness, and conviction endear others to them. They speak with such confidence, intelligence, and adoration for their vision, most can’t help but want to be a part of it. This natural charm, oftentimes, may have an air of mystery, that invites others closer. When you use or cultivate charm, your vision will fall on open ears and minds.

To begin your journey of scaling your business, take note of the visionary leaders. How do they interact with their prospects, their employees, their investors? What makes you want to watch or listen to them? What ways do they imprint their vision on the minds of others?

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