Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Cleanser – Is it guaranteed positive results?

by Robert Carver
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Cleanser - Is it guaranteed positive results?

It can be hard to come to come to terms with aging, but when you get to grips with the idea you might want to think about incorporating supplements into your daily life as to counteract the effects. When searching for a natural product that will assist you and your needs it is important to get it right. This is why we wish to help you pin making the correct purchase decision. Because we know what it takes to produce a remedy that works, we have made reviews to show you what the ingredients do and whether the formula is the best for the particular goal you are trying to achieve.

Product description

Glowing skinA mineral-oil and water based cleanser for the skin is Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser, which is specially designed to keep the face looking fresher and younger. The renowned brand is famous for quality cosmetics and has a wide range of respected products. This particular cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is gentle as well as soothing. It is fragrance-free uses natural ingredients such as elastin, collagen, essential nutrients and ceramides which dissolve into the skin and help maintain a healthy and glowing look by attracting moisture. Any impurities are dissolved into the cream to be rubbed away easily. Skin cell metabolism is boosted by the ceramides in the cream and so they can repair themselves. Most of all, this product has been tested for allergens and so there is no risk of reactions for irritations. It is dermatologically approved too and can be used morning and night.

FormulaElizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Cleanser - Formula

The main ingredient within this product is Ceramide 3, which is a magnet for moisture, locking it into the skin. No side effects have been reported.


A lot of consumers say they can notice results immediately after use and use this product one or two times per day. After using for some time the results become permanent. All you must do is apply a small amount to the skin on the face – avoiding the eyes – and rub in gently. A microfiber cloth or cotton balls can be used for application. Once the skin is purified, rinse off carefully. At just $15.95 this is not a bad price as it will last around a month. The tube contains 125 ml of formula.

Our conclusion

One downside to this product is that it contains Sandalwood, which is not suitable for the face and harmful to the eyes. For those who wish to avoid applying a product to the face twice daily and wish for a more simple solution to staying looking young and healthy, you can find supplements that you must just take each morning with water. A pill from is much easier than having to wash the face and far less risky – especially those that contain solely beneficial and natural herbs. The top leading product on the market today is, in fact, Optimal Omega at just $19.95 for a one month supply.

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