Effects of Vitamin C on Testosterone

by Robert Carver
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It is so often that we get to enjoy in the delicious taste that the natural Vitamin C sources have to offer us. There are so many health benefits that Vitamin C provides us apart from the delicious taste of its sources. Today, we get to talk about one major beneficial effects of Vitamin C – its ability to give your testosterone production the boost that it needs, especially for men above the age of 30 when their testosterone production normally declines. Read about all of the positive sides of Vitamin C and the wondrous effects that it has on our bodies.

What health benefits of Vitamin C you should know about?

Vitamin C is possibly the strongest antioxidant that Mother Nature has to offer us. Found in multiple fresh fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C is yet another water-soluble vitamin that has numerous health benefits that help us maintain healthy and strong. The recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is around 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

Found to be a strong antioxidant, Vitamin C has been scientifically proven on multiple occasions to be able to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. It has also been shown to reduce the high blood pressure, and even lower your high cholesterol and triglycerides levels. If you are struggling with gout, Vitamin C can help you reduce your gout attacks. It will boost your immune

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system and reduce the risk of seasonal colds and the flu. And these are just some of the major health benefits that come with Vitamin C.

Make sure that you introduce enough Vitamin C through your diet by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some great and delicious sources of Vitamin C are broccoli, tomatoes, citrus fruits, peppers, potatoes, spinach, kale, cabbage, and many others. Make sure that you eat them fresh and raw, as a way to avoid any loss in vitamins, especially in Vitamin C.

Why does testosterone production normally decline?

Similar to how women face various symptoms due to their decline in estrogen production that comes with the normal aging process men also face the normal testosterone decline that comes with old age. But the aging process is not the only thing that causes your testosterone levels to drop. Common causes for a decline in testosterone production are stress, depression, smoking, excessive drinking, medical conditions, use of certain medications, etc.

Due to the decline in testosterone levels, symptoms such as low libido, low sexual performance, mood changes, depression, insomnia, sleep apnea, infertility issues, and hair loss, among many other, start to occur on a daily level. All of these changes influence the man’s life – both his every day and his sex life. So, it is almost natural to want to keep all of these symptoms as unnoticeable as you can in addition to slowing down their progress and appearance.

The beneficial effects of Vitamin C on your testosterone production

As you can see, Vitamin C already helps you in many ways of which you might not be aware. But if you are not interested in using Vitamin C to help you strengthen your immune system, or reduce your high blood pressure, then perhaps you would like to hear of how Vitamin C can efficiently help you boost your testosterone production that has recently declined due to any reason whatsoever.

Vitamin C is one of the many vitamins that have been scientifically proven to have a certain impact on testosterone production. Vitamin C might be one of the cheapest ways to keep your testosterone levels within satisfactory ranges. We already explained how Vitamin C is able to reduce your high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Perhaps you have heard of all of these being quite the big factors causing an early testosterone production decline. By influencing these factors and ultimately removing them from your life, Vitamin C is helping to reduce your risk of, not only cardiovascular disease but also low testosterone levels.

man cuts lemonAnd since Vitamin C is such a powerful antioxidant, it has been shown that its presence in the body can fight the cortisol levels cause them to drop. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has been found to work against the man’s testosterone levels. Any increase in cortisol levels reflects negatively on the testosterone levels by causing them to decline. So, by reducing your cortisol levels and the free radicals in your body, not only is Vitamin D protecting you against multiple chronic diseases that we mentioned earlier but most importantly, it acts to boost your testosterone production naturally. In addition, Vitamin C is able to boost the man’s sperm count, sperm quality, and motility, all of that by influencing testosterone production.


Caring about our reproductive health should be among the biggest priorities in our lives. And with testosterone being the main reproductive hormone in men, it means that it is of vital importance to keep its levels high and to raise at all times.

But while male enhancement pills, such as Male UltraCore, can provide a great boost to your testosterone production, and with that, to your fertility, sexual stamina, libido, muscle mass build-up and so on, you should definitely add this natural testosterone booster to your list as well. We are talking about the power of Vitamin C to boost your testosterone production and improve every aspect of your health and life with that.

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