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Yes, it can enhance your sex life and help you burn many calories. Sex furniture can range from rocking chairs that are equipped with dildos to harnesses to swings. They can be used with a partner or alone. There are many different types of sex furniture and they can be used by women and men.

Magnus Sullivan, author and former sex toy entrepreneur, states that purchasing sex furniture is an excellent way to show how important sex is in your life. In addition, these devices can offer a lot of opportunities to explore your body and erotic preferences to reach new heights of pleasure. With full-body support, you can enjoy sexual experiences for as long as you would like and whenever you would like.

Here are six devices that can boost your bedroom activities, whether you are with a partner or not.


This sex mount provides a firm cushioned surface that holds you and/or your partner’s body weight and allows you to change to the dildo of your choosing. The dome is hip-width and can be used with a vibrator to enhance pleasure. According to the official website, the Bonbon is geared toward solo sex. It allows you to place either a dildo or vibration even if it has no base. The cover is very soft, moisture-proof, and machine-washable.

With a somewhat nondescript design, at least in its non-fuschia color, this sex pillow can blend into your room. It can also be stored under your bed so you can easily access it. If you are with a partner, the BonBon’s arched shape can allow for a lot of different activities while you are using it.

COULD SEX FURNITURE ENHANCE YOUR SEX LIFE?If alone, you can masturbate hands-free using a fleshlight, vibrator, or another device that has a base as this device has slits on the side.

One issue that has been noted by users of this product is its height. For people who are short (5’2 or less) it can be too tall. They may need extra pillows to mount the Bonbon. For some, even this will not make up for the height difference.


An investment, for sure, The Shock Rocker, responds to your movements. As you rock back and forth, it pushes itself into your body to increase your pleasure. If you would like to work your core muscles, this device is excellent for that as you may need to engage these muscles in order to keep from falling forward.

This device can be used to go slow and sensual or speed things up. At 41 pounds and in a variety of colors, including purple, black, and red, you can buy one for your partner or yourself.


If you think suspending in the air is your or your partner’s idea of fun, then this dual swing will be enjoyable for you both. To ensure you are safe, this versatile swing comes with two mounting hooks and offers many different options for different body types and positions. With removable arm straps and extremely wide seat straps, you and/or your partner can try all the positions you have never tried when you were stuck on the ground. In addition, either of you can explore areas of pleasure you have not before. This swing is also great if you are a tall man, as it eliminates any height differences between you and your partner.

This swing comes in a high-quality ultra-portable bag that can be carried in your luggage.


This isn’t quite sex furniture but it isn’t a sex toy, either. The Sybian is geared toward your or your partner’s masturbatory pleasure. It is a dome that includes a dildo at its peak and a remote to control the vibrations of the dildo. If you have bought this for your partner, you will greatly enjoy watching them experience an intense orgasm as you or your partner change the speeds of the vibrations. This device is excellent for hands-free masturbating.

If being penetrated is not where your interests lie, you can add a fleshlight to the mount, so you can enjoy the sensation of penetration or thrusting. This will save you a lot of effort than if you needed to stroke yourself, says The Pleasure Chest’s manager, Victor Tobar.

While the above four devices will give your body a workout as you enjoy yourself, the next two products are made to help you burn calories.


To shake up your bedroom routine, this simple device can help you successfully achieve those complex positions you may see in books or on videos. With added support and flexibility you can try tricky inverted positions such as cupid’s arrow.

COULD SEX FURNITURE ENHANCE YOUR SEX LIFE?To perform cupid’s arrow, your partner lies on their back in the pleasure-receiving plow position and you place your ankles on either side of your partner’s head. After this is achieved, you can engage your leg muscles as you squat to thrust your penis in and out of your partner.


When you want to do aerial yoga, this swing will be there for you and your partner. With a weight limit of 300 pounds, both of you can become more flexible and in-tune with your bodies if your paired weight is within this range. If not, then you can use the swing alternately and enjoy the view from the ground. As this swing is quite affordable, you may just buy two.

Sex furniture and natural male enhancement supplement are great additions to your sexual relations. There are a large variety of devices that can help you explore all of the pleasure areas you may or may not be aware of. For more adventure in the bedroom, more powerful orgasms, and a deeper connection to yourself or your partner, pick up a few pieces today.

After using these products you may say words you have never said before.

“Furniture is hot.”

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