Can 50-Year Old Men Still Lose Weight?

by Edward Johnson

From being fit and healthy to having the energy to last through the day, getting older has its challenges. A lot of the things you used to do easily can get more difficult as you get older. If you’ve struggled with weight issues all your life and thought that you can just start working out when you finally have the time, I have bad news for you.

As it turns out, there comes a point in a man’s life when losing weight gets a lot more difficult. When you reach a point in your life that you start to experience the symptoms of low testosterone, losing weight would mean that you’d have to put in twice the effort to lose the same amount of fat. Low testosterone can affect how your body metabolizes fat and how much muscle you maintain. As you get older, your metabolism slows down, and that means that your body will just continue storing fat instead of burning calories.

Low testosterone can also affect your energy and mood. Men with low testosterone feel like they are too tired to work out, and they often lack the drive to do physical work, and that can discourage those who would want to start their fitness journey. The results won’t come easy and considering that your body literally deteriorates as you get older, losing weight would require a lot of focus, and a better understanding of the dynamics that affect your weight loss goals.


When do you start losing testosterone?

Men reach their peak testosterone levels early in their adult life. Once you’ve reached your peak testosterone levels, they will decline at a rate of 1-2% every year. That means that by the time you hit your 50s, you could only have half of your peak testosterone levels, and that could seriously impair your weight loss goals.

Even before you hit your 50s, you could already start experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. What we know and understand as the signs of aging could be linked to the signs of low testosterone. Feeling weak, tired, and unmotivated are among the most common signs of low testosterone. Some men experience low libido, poor muscle growth, and of course – weight gain.


Why is it important for older men to lose weight?

Can 50-Year Old Men Still Lose Weight?Most doctors would advise their older, overweight patients to start losing weight and go on a diet because older men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, metabolic health issues, and injury. As you get older, the beating that your body took over the years will start to show. If you haven’t followed a healthy lifestyle, or if you haven’t worked out for years, the impact would definitely become evident as you get older.

Overweight men are more prone to diseases and injury, which is why doctors strongly recommend losing weight, but with the impact of low testosterone and the circumstances of aging, it will become more difficult for men to lose weight the older they get.


Is it possible for men over 50 to lose weight?

As any fitness trainer would say, anything is possible as long as you put a genuine effort into your goals. The dynamics of weight loss would change as you get older, and it’s important to keep in mind the factors that would impede your weight loss progress to keep you firmly set on your goals.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when trying to lose weight in your 50s:


  1. Pick your workouts according to your capabilities

As you get older, you may have certain health issues that need to be considered when you are picking your workouts. Cardio workouts work best to lose weight, but not every cardio workout is applicable for everyone, especially older men. Running long distances may not be a good idea for men with knee, hip, and joint problems. Some may find it difficult to do burpees. Start by finding a workout that you’re comfortable with, and work your way towards more challenging workouts as you go. As soon as you start your weight loss journey, you’re likely to see some immediate results, and your workouts will become easier.


  1. Pick a diet that applies to your health

Can 50-Year Old Men Still Lose Weight?Older men need a more targeted diet to ensure that they are getting enough of the nutrients they need. A conventional restrictive diet may not be ideal for older men who are trying to lose weight. The best way around this is to always consider the golden rule of weight loss – burn more calories than what you consume. If you can do more challenging workouts, then you can afford to be less picky with your diet, but if you find it difficult to take on more reps and heavier weights, then you should be more cautious with what you eat.


  1. Take premium testosterone supplements

The biggest obstacle to your weight loss progress is your testosterone levels. By enhancing your testosterone levels, your body can build more muscle, and you speed up your metabolism. Testosterone helps by improving muscle protein synthesis and growth hormone production, which could drastically speed up your progress. Increasing muscle mass will improve your metabolism to a point that weight loss would be much more sustainable.


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