California Baby SPF 18 Sunscreen: Is It Safe to Use?

by Robert Carver
California Baby SPF 18 Sunscreen: Is It Safe to Use?

This is actually a sunscreen that is safe for adults, parents, children and babies to use. It is impossible not to get any exposure to the sun so it is best to find a product that will protect the skin. You might want to ask a doctor before using this product but it should be great for you baby. This sunscreen is designed for babies and provides excellent protection for babies against the UVA rays and the UVB rays. In addition, this is a sunscreen that will keep your baby’s or child’s skin from getting dried out while in the sun and it is water-resistant.

What Ingredients Are Important for This Product?

This is a product that only uses ingredients which are going to be safe for the skin. The ingredients that are mentioned for importance in this product for protecting the skin include:

Titanium Dioxide

Safflower Olesomes22c


Coco Caprylate


Tapioca Starch

Magnesium Stearate

Leveulinic Acid

Coconut Oil

Glyceryl Caprylate


CaprylHydroxamic Acid

In addition to these ingredients, it is also important to note that there are no fragrances being used in the making of this sunscreen.

How Does This Product Affect the Skin?

This is a product that protects the skin just like other sunscreens found on the market and in many online stores. This is a sunscreen that doesn’t have chemicals that will harm the skin and it is safe for babies too.

What Pros and Cons Are There of This Product?

22bWhen you want a sunscreen that has many great pros, this sunscreen is the right product for you. It has the following pros:

Use of Natural and Also Organic Ingredients

Has Enough UVA/UVA Skin Protection

Does Not Have Any Fragrances in the Ingredients

Does Not Have Any Side Effect Causing Ingredients

Has a Mineral Kind of Base

Is Very Hypoallergenic

Won’t Stain Either

These are some great pros to find in a sunscreen, especially in one that has been designed for babies.

There are a couple of the cons that should be mentioned which are listed here:

Thick Consistency Mentioned by Some Customers

Doesn’t Work the Best for Adults

These cons are not a breaking for the product but they must be mentioned.

Who is Commonly Using This Product?

This product is one that is mostly used on the skin of babies and younger children. The SPF protection works great for that age of children. However, there are many others who can use it too. Even adults are able to use it.

What is the Price for This Product?

This product is sold online in many different stores and the average cost is $19.99.

What Are Warnings Mentioned for This Product?

The only warning that really should be mentioned for this product is that parents or adults should ask the doctor before using it on their baby to make sure it is right for their baby’s skin.

What Should Be Noted to Finalize This Product’s Review?

This product is worth the price for protecting the skin. It is mild, protective for the skin and doesn’t cause adverse side effects. If you want a sunscreen that works, this is one to count on.

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