Best Sex Positions to Try Out With Your Partner

by Edward Johnson
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If your sex positions are a bit too predictable, then it’s time to spice things up.

Sex is important for your physical and mental state. It can lift your mood, make you feel more relaxed, relieve stress, and even help you have quality sleep. So, if the opportunity is standing in front of you, you should go for it, and keep having sex, consensual sex of course.

One of the few ways to make sex worth a hype is trying out new positions and styles to spice things up. You should be able to bring new sex ideas to the table, and it’s also something you can try out with your partner right now if you both want to.

However, before moving into the whole normal sex positions like missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style, the question for you is: why do you feel the need to spice up your sex life with new positions?

We would help you in figuring out the best sex positions you can explore with your partner.

If your partner has a clitoris, then you can try stimulating her clitoris while penetrating, because majority of women cannot have an orgasm if some sort of clitoris stimulation is not happening.

Or, just maybe you want something that has to do with inner arousal, so it’s best to go for an impulsive sex position. For instance, pushing your partner up against the wall to have sex, or maybe explore the fantasies of BDSM. Most of these positions are perfect for role play, where you get to be dominant or even submissive if you wish.

Perhaps, you may want to try out something new entirely. However, it’s best to keep in mind that you may need to change some of these sex positions because it might not be thrilling sticking to one position for a long time.


  1. Stand and DeliverBest Sex Positions to Try Out With Your Partner

Most people call this sex position the bicycle position and it’s perfect because you are in the view of seeing how your penis penetrates your partner.

To perfectly do this position, you need to get your partner to lie with their back on a desk with their legs raised to the chest, while you stand at the edge. Slightly bend their knees as though they are riding a bicycle, and then thrust in slowly, or you can go fast at the permission of your partner.

You can also encourage your partner to play with their clitoris while you penetrate.


  1. The Socket

This is the perfect sex position if you want to have a delicious view of your partner’s behind, and get more aroused. You can start from reverse cowgirl and bend them fully while stretching their legs to the back. Make sure they are supporting their weight, by leaning on their elbow.

In this position, your partner can easily stimulate their clitoris manually, and well, if they love a bit of spanking, this right here is your chance.


  1. The Little Dipper

This position allows for a bit of clitoris stimulation with your fingers and mouth. You can decide to be on top, or your partner, but keep in mind that whoever stays on top might experience a bit of triceps soreness later. In case you decide to be under, make sure your partner is using a chair to lift herself over you, and then you insert your penis into the vagina. Your partner is then expected to move up and down your penis. If you perform this sex position correctly, you and your partner should form a T-shape.

You can also play with your partner’s clitoris since they are on the top.


  1. The Cat

    Best Sex Positions to Try Out With Your Partner

This sex position is also known as the coital alignment technique, and it’s very easy for clitoral stimulation. Research has shown that women who are unable to reach orgasm through missionary position have had frequent orgasms while trying out the cat position with their partner.

The CAT position is almost the same as the missionary style, except that you are farther away from your partner. While doing this position, your chest is positioned close to the shoulders of your partner rather than their chest. Your partner should bend their legs about 45 degrees so their hips can be shifted up. This would make the tip of your penis to be in constant touch with the clitoris, so it’s no surprise why this position makes it easy for women to reach orgasm easily.

You can also ask your partner to straighten their legs for deeper penetration. And to spice things up, you can move your pelvic in a circular motion.

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