Best Forgotten Foods For Your Bones

by Robert Carver

By now, we all know that our bones need calcium if they’re not going to fall to pieces. We’ve been told since pre-school that we should ingest cheese, yogurt and milk to keep our skeleton nice and strong.

But this is not all we need. As men get past 30, their bones grow more slowly, and yet they disintegrate at quicker speeds. Meanwhile, 2 million American men are laid low with osteoporosis. For this reason, the cornerstones of a bone diet – milk, yogurt and cheese – are just not enough. Instead, we need to learn more about what other foods we can include in our diet, and how these can slow down the disintegration process.

Calcium is all well and good, but we also need precious nutrients too. Without these precious nutrients, actually storing calcium becomes difficult.


If you’ve got osteoporosis, you’ll probably know that you’ve not got as much zinc as you’d like. This nutrient can be found in peanuts, and the great thing about peanuts is that they’re super convenient. You can snack on them wherever you are, and they also taste great.

Even better, peanuts also come with a whole host of other health benefits.

Beer and Wine 

Okay, not beer and wine together. Because that’s just really bad and you might end up breaking a few bones as you stumble out of the pub.

But if you have 2 drinks a night, you’ve got a much better chance of strengthening your bones than folk who don’t drink at all. This is because beer is packed silicon, which is known to help make our bones denser.

Hurrah for alcohol!

Though this doesn’t mean you can go out and get pissed every night and end up with super bones.

Fatty Fish 

Oily, fatty fish like sardines are packed with so much vitamin D that a single tin is enough to give you your recommend amount. Vitamin D is important for your bones because it it absorbs calcium and shares it out among your bones.


Bananas are rife with potassium, which is needed to destroy the nasty acids whose mission it is to remove calcium from your body.


Raisins are something of an acquired taste, and for every person who loves them, there is someone who hates them. But these dried grapes are packed with potassium and magnesium, and they make the perfect snack if you want to have stronger bones. Replace potato chips with these, and you’re onto a winner.

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