Best foods that help you gain weight

The internet these days seems to be packed with advice and tips on how to shed those extra pounds. However, for those of us who remain skinny no matter what or how much we consume, the story is a bit different. In order to gain weight, you must consume more calories than you exhaust each day. A common misconception is to start eating fatty and greasy junk foods in huge amounts because they are extremely unhealthy and can cause a lot of problems, without actually letting you gain weight. There are several healthy and nutritious foods that you can try in order to help you put on those pounds.

Complex carbohydrates are a very good source of energy. You can get them from breads, cereals and bagels. A bagel of a few inches can have more than a hundred and fifty calories. Whole grain bagels are a great option as they are rich in fiber content. Whole wheat pasta is another rich source of calories and carbohydrates. A bowl of pasta topped with marinara sauce or cheese for even more calories is a delicious and healthy meal that will definitely aid in weight gain.

A handful of dried fruits can give you a huge boost of calories. Dry fruits have almost double the amount of calories than fresh fruits. Try a cup of raisins, apricots or dried berries every morning to notice a change in your scales after a certain period of time. You can combine them with nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts or brazil nuts to add healthy polyunsaturated fats in your system. Roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds dabbed in butter can make a healthy and calorie-rich snack. You can make your own granola bar with whole grain cereal, seeds, nuts and dried fruits while adding some chocolate to it. These are a rich source of energy and a healthy snack to boot.

Adding more oil to your dish would definitely make it richer in calories but make sure that it still remains healthy. Olive oil is one such healthy option. Not only does it add taste and flavour to your dish but also some extra calories. Canola oil is another similar product and a source of monounsaturated fats. You can also try walnut oil or grapeseed oil for a more delicate flavour.

Eggs are a great way to gain weight quickly. They are rich in proteins and vitamins like Vitamin A and B12 and are useful for more functions than mere weight gain.

Fruits like avocados and bananas are often recommended in every weight gaining diet plan. One banana contains almost a hundred and fifty calories and refreshes you instantly. Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates which is why one gets instant energy after a long day or a workout. You can even opt for 100 percent fruit juice instead of eating whole fruits or more importantly carbonated sugary drinks. These may taste fruity but they are just corn syrup which is not very healthy for your body.

Having a healthy diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins regularly would do the trick if you’re looking to gain weight quickly. However, you must regulate the amount of fat you consume lest you should end up with clogged arteries which could lead to a heart attack.


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