A Product Review of Trim Factor

Trim Factor: At a glance

This nutritional supplement functions as an appetite suppressor. With this, it is claimed that you will shed pounds even without severely modifying your diet. Trim Factor is produced by the company New Vitality, the same manufacturer for Ageless Male. This particular supplement utilizes Amorphophallus Propol as its primary ingredient.

The company is listed with Better Business Bureau and has an overall rating of A- with most of the grievances about billing concerns. As for Trim Factor only, there are no online feedbacks available for the supplement. This is probably because the patent was only registered back in July 2013. With regards to Glucomannan supplements as a whole, the most usual criticisms are the side effects such as constipation, diarrhea and gassiness.

Understanding How It Functions


Trim Factor is a dietary product that asserts to help in repressing your appetite, making you feel satiated for a longer period of time and eventually shedding pounds. When practiced as part of your nutritional diet and workout plan, Trim Factor is said to be highly effective as claimed by its manufacturer. All you have to take is this supplement before your eating in order to control your appetite. As a result, you will notice a slimmer waistline sans the struggle of always wanting to eat due to your hunger.

The main component in the product’s formulation is called LuraLean. It is a dietary fiber that comes from the Japanese Amorphophallus Propol plant. Just like Lipozene, this kind of Glucomannan is said to widen up to 200 percent its actual size in your gut. The result is that you feel more satiated so that you don’t tend to overeat.

Every dose of this supplement is offered in a chewable form that’s flavored in chocolate. It is suitable for all. According to the info on the official page, you can begin taking Trim Factor with this 3-phase stage:
Take 1 Trim Factor chew 20-30 minutes before every meal.
After this is done, drink around 10 ounces of water.
Wait 20-30 minutes prior to starting your meal.

The company behind Trim Factor says that the main ingredient LuraLean is a result of 30 years of clinical study and trials. It is also said that there are no stimulants like caffeine in the formulation, making it safe for consumption. Despite the manufacturer saying that Trim Factor has no adverse reactions, there are reports of experiencing constipation, diarrhea, and gassiness, which are usually encountered when you’re on a high-fiber diet. It is important to note that those suffering from diabetes need to check with their doctor first before proceeding with taking Trim Factor.

Trim Factor Cost and Money-Back Guarantee


You can straightly purchase Trim Factor from the company for a cost of $9.95 with an addition of $6.99 for S&H. This should last for 15 days. As soon as 21 days have passed from the actual date of purchase, the 30-day supply will be delivered at your doorstep for a price of $39.95 with an additional of $6.99 shipping and handling. Subsequently, you will get a 30-day supply each month and you will be charged for the monthly replenishment each time. Trim Factor’s manufacturer said you can discontinue your autoship enrollment anytime.

In addition, Trim Factor is offered with a 30-day refund policy less S&H. To ask for a refund, call customer support at 888-237-9610. You can also send an email to [email protected]

Product Features

It is said that Trim Factor is effective in making you feel more satiated, so that overeating is prevented, which then leads to losing weight without making any severe modifications in your diet and exercise habits.
Consumption of Trim Factor is only one serving 20-30 minutes prior every meal.
Its primary component is LuraLean, which is touted to be supported by 30 years of clinical studies and tests, is claimed to be highly potent without generating any severe side effects.
It comes with a 30-day refund policy, so customers can return the item in the case that they find the product unsatisfactory.

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