A Product Review of Mastermind by Apex Vitality

Getting to Know Mastermind by Apex Vitality

This specific product is a dietary supplement that touts to be useful in making your brain function in its maximum range. This results to increased energy, improved focus and mental functions. It can even result to dreams of high lucidity more frequently.

The manufacturer also purports that the supplement will help you get to have a “personal meaning of life” and even help you surpass your apprehensions.

To experience such positive outcome, you just need to start consuming Mastermind on a regular basis. As soon as you do, you will notice a significant enhancement in your mental concentration and brain functions within only a week. For this reason, its company states that the product is the topmost natural brain booster available in the market.

Of course, you want to know whether Mastermind is genuine or not, so to be straightforward about it, we don’t think the supplement can deliver great benefits that its manufacturer claims to be capable of providing.

Read on to find out why

Brain Boosters are Quite Common


These kinds of products are essentially supplements that are said to be capable of boosting one or more aspects of mental capacity. This may involve memory, focus, or overall mental performance. Generally, the components here are claimed to be purely natural and are not categorized as drugs by the Food and Drug Administration. That is why it gives companies further freedom to just offer them in the market for sales.

In the last years, we have noted a great increase in the number of these brain boosters. These are typically partnered with strong claims about their effectiveness with a bit of scientific evidence to substantiate their assertions.

Some of the well-known nootropic supplements are Adderin and Intellux, among others. Apart from the things we’ve mentioned here, what other things do these supplements share in common?

For one, brain supplements typically garner poor online customer reception due to ineffectiveness, steep cost, and inefficient customer support like the trouble customers go through when requesting for refunds, or cancelling autoship enrollments, as well as encountering bad-mannered customer representatives.

But what about those things that are claimed to be scientific studies by companies? Is there any veracity to these assertions? That’s we’ll find out next.

Are the Components in Mastermind Clinically Tested?

The ingredients in Mastermind are as follows: bacopa monnieri, alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and l-tyrosine. There were no dosages provided.

Let’s start with bacopa monnieri. This may work for augmenting memory, but the existing study was performed utilizing only certain Bacopa extracts (KeenMind; BacoMind).

Likewise, huperzine A could boost memory and lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, as wells as improve overall mental performance.

Meanwhile, WebMD said that vinpocetine may have a little effect on the deterioration of thinking skills due to numerous scenarios. Nonetheless, the referenced study used to get this information from is outdated and is not of credible quality.

Lastly, l-tyrosine may increase cognition functions and recall. However, this could only be effective under certain scenarios such as military training and the likes.

It is important to note that there’s no dosage provided for every component in Mastermind. Thus, it can be difficult to gauge its efficiency. Even if the amount of each component is sufficient, the results would surely be less significant than what the company makes it appears.

What are Adverse Reactions?

Fortunately, the components in the product are safe and should be well tolerated by most users. The most usual adverse effect reported was stomach discomfort. Just remember that the component alpha GPC can also cause to be dizzy, skin rashes and mental fogginess.

Now it’s time to learn of the pricing options.

Mastermind Cost

The company offers the supplement in these 3 buying selections:

1 Bottle: $53.98

2 Bottles: $69.98

3 Bottles: $86.97

Standard shipping, which goes from 5-10 days, is free of charge for all orders. If you want to speed up the shipping of your item (3-5 days), you need to pay an additional charge of $9.99 at the checkout page.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem that the supplement is offered via a free trial with a subsequent autoship enrollment, but it’s not always the case.

The manufacturer provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, less $5 for shipping and handling, as well as a $10 restocking charge. To start processing your refund, contact customer support at 844-APEX-VIT (273-9848).

Now it’s time to get to know the manufacturer in-charge of producing Mastermind.

All about Apex Vitality

preview-full-shutterstock_470584415The company is mainly headquartered in South Nampa, Idaho. It is a fairly well-known company, which also creates other products like ApexVitality Forskolin. It even creates beauty items like Apex Serum of Life and Serum of Youth.

All in all, several of the items manufactured by the company garner poor customer reception. What could be the reason?

Just like other dietary products, the typical criticisms of Apex Vitality products are all about ineffectiveness, the challenge customers get when they get refunds or discontinue free trials/autoship plans. Such complaints also appear on Better Business Bureau where the company has a C-rating based on 23 closed complains. This is of November 2015.

Final Thoughts: Is Mastermind the One?

We think Mastermind does not really deliver in terms of improving your mental health.

Even though some of the components in the supplement have the potential to increase recall and overall brain health, its results would surely be less notable than what its manufacturer makes it appear to be. We believe that you may not even feel any difference.

Also considering the product’s steep cost and its company’s unstable status with consumers, it’s wiser to forego than to pursue the product. If you’re having memory issues or you’re experiencing mental exhaustion, then a consultation with a doctor is the best way to go.

Plus, there are so many things you can do to enhance your memory without spending any money!

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