A Product Review of FBCx: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Robert Carver

FBCx Introduction

This nutritional product asserts to stop up to 500 calories or 54 grams of fat from being soaked up by the body daily. If this isn’t prevented, this amounts to 5 lbs of weight gain every month. FBCx is not only for weight loss and control; it is also for the sustenance of stable levels of cholesterol, as well as for ensuring that gastrointestinal functions and performance are normal.

Produced by Soho Flordis International with its main headquarter in New South Wales, Australia, FBCx is actually a new supplement, even though the product’s URL has been listed since 2005. It also has a U.S. trademark registration that was given in January 2014. On the other hand, there were only very few customer feedbacks online, and most were negative with grievances about its ineffectiveness.

Understanding How the Product Function

preview-full-shutterstock_86502238The body doesn’t just straight up take in fat. It requires to be assimilated by the enzyme called lipase first. This breaks down fat into acids, which are next soaked up through the intestines. These are then converted in other parts of the body as fat. So, what FBCx does is serve as a “shield”, which stops fat cells from being soaked up by lipase. This means that the fat is also prevented from being taken in by the intestines.

Furthermore, FBCx utilizes natural fiber that originates from corn. This attaches to fat in the digestive tract and according to the company, it “eliminates up to 9x its weight in fat, and reduces calorie absorption by up to 500 fat calories (54g of fat) a day.” For the purpose of supporting their assertion, the product site gives 4 study summaries as references.

Also, it is asserted that this supplement is sanctioned for everyday use by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, FDA gives this supplement a GRAS approval for up to 25 grams of consumption daily with no adverse reactions expected. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all fats are eradicated since the supplement only targets saturated and trans fats.

The official site also mentions that you’re required to consume 6 grams of FBCx daily to get optimal outcome. This means 2 grams with every meal. Of course, it is also necessary for you to eat right, which means balanced and nutritious food that contains fat. FBCx will not function properly if you’re under a low-fat diet plan.

FBCx Cost and Other Products

FBCx as a supplement is not offered independently. In fact, it serves as a main component in some multiple third-party products with the likes of Calorease and ALPHA-FIBE.

Products which have FBCx are offered by its company, GNC and Amazon. The price varies depending on the amount of content, with the price range between $29.99 and $69.95. As for money-back guarantee, it depends on the reseller.

Final Verdict: Is FBCx the Real Deal?

preview-full-shutterstock_321113168FBCx seems to be for real, according to our assessment. It has a US trademark and even awaiting exclusive rights. This product even has scientific studies to support the assertions of its manufacturer.

On other hand, FBCx also appears to be a new supplement and the customer feedbacks on the web aren’t enough to weigh the consumers’ approval in general. But with FBCx getting featured on Dr. Oz’s TV program, it gets better chance of getting known by many. And if it really is effective as its company touts, then customers will naturally go for it.

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