8 Signs She’s Going to Break Up With You

Isn’t it funny how whenever someone gets dumped they always says “I saw it coming”. They must have been picking up on some signals subconsciously from their partner. You’ll get this sinking feeling that something isn’t right and that is usually a sure as hell sign that something absolutely isn’t right. But what about some signs that you can take in logically to figure out if you’re about to get dumped? Here are all the warning signs that “the talk” is coming.

She has become a little bit more “unavailable”.

All of a sudden she doesn’t want to do things with you anymore. She might say that she has plans with her friends already or will make up some lame excuse. This will happen relatively out of the blue and the truth is, she’s avoiding you to not have to feel those guilty feelings when she looks at your face. She knows she’s going to break up with you, but she’s not quite ready yet so she’s buying time. If you notice this happening to you, something is definitely wrong. Give her the opportunity to cut the cord or else you will go crazy wondering what she’s doing with her “friends” literally every single night for a week.

She doesn’t text you back or takes a very long time to respond

If your text conversation is becoming a bit unbalanced (meaning you starting every conversation and her giving short answers or none at all) then it might be time to worry. She can’t even bare to think of you, let alone text you. Every text you send to her is like a stab in the heart. She’s overcome with guilt and is only reminded of that when she sees that the message is from you. You can even picture her throwing her phone across the room all dramatic as she sobs into her pillow. Well, let her sob, she deserves to feel the same degree of pain she’s about to put you through.

She daydreams a lot

Why do people day dream? Because there’s something on their mind besides what’s happening in the present. It might be good thoughts or bad thoughts. If the sudden onset daydreaming is paired with other signs listed in this article then you may be at risk for hard core abandonment. If she starts drifting off when you’re together and seems almost a little bit sad, it’s because she’s picturing how devastated you’re gonna be when she drops the bomb and breaks up with you.

She gets annoyed at everything you dosignsshesbreakingupwithyou-shegetsannoyed

Has she suddenly become unbearably bitchy? Does it seem like every thing you do is an excuse for her to roll her eyes? This isn’t an illusion. She IS annoyed at you and if she isn’t going back to her old ways of being a nice person towards you, then she is hiding deep seated feelings of resentment. She never used to get mad about leaving the towels on the floor, but now you feel like you’re getting nagged for everything. She’s getting ready to pull the plug on the relationship and every little thing you do is giving her proof she should do it.

She’s not into physical touch anymore

Just the feeling of you touching her is like bugs crawling on her skin. She hates it, but she’s going to pretend to tolerate it for at least a little while. When you hug her, she goes limp and is not really giving any love back. After you kiss her she might look down and half smile slightly. You feel like you’re always the one to make the first move now. She used to throw herself into your arms when she saw you and now it’s just a “hey…”. What gives? Sometimes people are shy, but this is different. It’s always you initiating the physical touching and it’s suspicious enough to make you read this article.

She’s not into having sex


If her compliancy in the sex department has diminished, there’s a reason for it, and it’s not a good one. Although there are certain health issues that can effect someone’s likelyhood to want to have sex, such as well…gas. If she is consistently become less interested in sex over the course of a couple weeks, there’s something up, and it’s not your penis. The excuses will come pouring in and it won’t be a one shot kind of thing, it will be over a couple of weeks. The spark always dies eventually and it’s usually because one out of the two is just not feeling it anymore.

She avoids looking at you

When you’re together, does she avoid eye contact. Almost as if to avoid any meaningful, deep connection? Holding eye contact with someone is a sign of trust. It can make people fall in love with each other instantly. When you talk to her, does she look away while she answers your question? Does she seem shady as hell as if she’s hiding something from you? It’s almost like she’s caught in a lie and doesn’t want you to find out and the lie is “I don’t love you anymore even though I’m acting like I do”.

She starts talking about “her life”.

There are probably things in her life she wants to accomplish and maybe she feels like you are holding her back. We’ve all been there. After the first six months we realize “what the hell am I doing? I just wasted 6 months of my life being in a fulfilling relationship, I’m no where near where I want to be”. You start to panic and want out immediately. She might be priming the breakup by talking about all the things she wants to do, but not exactly in an excited way. She might say something like “I’ve always wanted to move to Hawaii” or “I’ve always wanted to write a novel”. It could be anything, but when she says it, you should feel a touch of resentment in her tone. That’s how you know she doesn’t want to take you with her.

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