8 Main Reasons Why Men Cheat and 6 Ways to Avoid It

by Robert Carver
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In the cheating game, both sexes are guilty. Men cheat. Women cheat. But for this article, let’s focus on why men cheat. There are a lot of reasons why men cheat, some are valid while others aren’t. And instead of acknowledging the mistake on their end, other men are creative enough to blame other people into pushing them to do the act. They blame their partner or spouse, the situation, other people, and even the other woman. No matter what triggers you to do the act, cheating is cheating. And there is no perfect reason why you do it.

Main Reasons Why Men Cheat

If you’ve cheated once in your life, you might have done it for the following reasons. Or if the following reasons are pushing you to the edge, don’t step into the journey yet. There are ways you can avoid them. Meanwhile, read on and see if you can relate to any of them.

1. He is immature

Maturity plays a crucial role in relationships. It does not come with age, but with an understanding of the role each partner plays in the life of the other. An immature man doesn’t really feel committed to his partner. As such, he doesn’t put into consideration the effect of his actions to his partner and the relationship. He takes sex as an adventure that he can do to whomever he wishes to have it with, whenever he wants to.

2. He has sexual and other addictions

Men who have issues like addictions to alcohol, drugs, and sex can never fully commit to any relationship. No matter how much they vow to love their spouse or partner, they’re prone to slip whenever they’re under the spell of their addictions. Most often, they’re the people who have deeper issues with life and their addictions are the only way out that they could see.

3. He’s not happy with his current relationship

couple arguingThere are guys who no longer feel happy and fulfilled in their relationships. Instead of opening the issue to their partner, they altogether avoid it. Finding another woman is much easier to do than ending their present relationship. It’s only when their partner find out that they have the courage to say it’s over.

4. He is insecure

Insecurity can sometimes drive a man’s sanity. It is when he feels not wealthy enough, good-looking enough or good enough that he seeks validity from others. Cheating is one way of getting such validation. By feeling that someone other than his partner desires and wants him that he feels he is worthy as a man.

5. He has been through child abuse

Men who had been abused as a child may find it difficult to stay committed to their relationships. It’s not because they’re incapable of genuine love but it’s more on not being able to move on from their unresolved childhood issues. Because of this, they have difficulty keeping a relationship and staying committed.

6. He has sex and other issues with his partner

Being in a relationship requires effort for both partners to make it work. This means each one should be open enough about their feelings for each other. However, there are some men who happen to have nagging partners. And instead of telling their partners about it, they seek ways to avenge and let them know about their angry feelings through a third party. Their only goal is to hurt their partner’s feelings.

7. He is selfish

Obviously, a selfish man seeks only for his own pleasure and his alone. He never cares if he hurts his partner as long as he is happy with what he is doing. He doesn’t know what sacrifice for a relationship really means because he doesn’t strive for it. His goal in life is only for his own happiness.

8. He has unrealistic expectations

This man expects more than what his partner is able to give him. He wants all his needs met every day of the week without minding the needs of the other. He fails to see that his partner has her own needs too and her life to live. Thus, when she fails to provide him everything he wants, especially sex, he looks for the fulfillment of it from another woman.

How to avoid cheating on your partner

We all know that no one is perfect, your partner included. She’s not perfect and never will be. But if you care for her and want the relationship to stay intact, there are ways you can solve any issues beforehand. Finding another woman might be an option but it’s not the best one, save if you want the relationship to end. The following ways may give you insights in preventing yourself from cheating on your partner:

1. Talk to her about the problem concerning your relationship

Find ways to agree on something that can improve your situation. If your partner has an attitude that gets in your nerves, tell her about it. You may not be able to change her the way you want to, but at least guide her to treat you the way that makes you feel better.

2. Spend your free time wisely

Take up a hobby that will improve yourself and your relationship. If you have a busy partner who might not be always around to spend time with, look for creative ways to spend your time. You may take up a new hobby, one that engages and challenges you fully. By redirecting your energy on something helpful, you not only make yourself better but, in a way, help the relationship to make it better too.

3. Find ways to volunteer for a good cause

Share your skills or knowledge to your community. For example, if you’re a good basketball player, you can teach young kids the tricks and strategies of the game. Or if you’re musically inclined, find others who have the same passion and create a community musical band.

4. Seek help

marriage counselingIf you have addictions, finding help from professionals is the best way to solve your issues. Have the courage to open up your problems to your partner or spouse and let her inspire you to heal and become the best person that you can be. Having the right partner who can be with you through the ups and downs is not easy. When you have one, never let her go. So try to stay committed.

5. Be open to therapy

If you think your problem is beyond repair by you and your spouse, seek couple’s therapy. Ask your friends for recommendations or seek the best therapist online. It might be what both of you need.

6. Stop your self-denial

There are some groups of men who believe they’re not cheating on their mates because there was no actual sex that took place, like online sex. Well whatever you call it, it’s still considered cheating. Anything that you do in secret and does not want your spouse to know is cheating. If it’s not, you won’t hide it.

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