7 Risk Factors That Endanger Your Penis Health

by Robert Carver
man thumbs down on penis

Making your penis health a priority is of utmost importance. It is not only necessary in your ability to get aroused and ejaculate, it is also crucial in your capacity to reproduce. If it is problematic, it can affect different facets of your life. It can drag your self-esteem down, hurt your relationship with your partner, and impact your mood and day-to-day routines. It can also be a warning sign that you are dealing with a medical condition that requires your attention as soon as possible.

What factors can put your penis health in peril?

There are several different factors that can negatively affect your penis health. Some are easily avoidable, while some are a much steeper hill to climb. Below are some examples:

  1. Engaging in unprotected sex

Using condoms and other barriers is essential in keeping your penis healthy. From a young age, a lot of us have been taught the importance of practicing safe sex to avoid putting ourselves at risk of various diseases. If you fail to use condoms, dams, and others, you are subjecting yourself to the dangers of these harmful viruses and bacteria that can bring about very painful and discomforting signs and symptoms. And, if you do not get treatment for these sexually transmitted diseases right away, you can develop more severe complications that can greatly hurt your penis and the rest of your reproductive system.

  1. Smoking

cigarette smoking dangersSmoking tobacco and cigarettes is not only harmful to your respiratory system. It is also destructive to your penis health. It exposes your body to a wide array of dangerous chemicals and compounds that have no benefits to offer the body. It negatively affects your blood vessels, resulting to poor blood flow and regulation to your penis. Because of it, feeling aroused and getting an erection can become very challenging.

  1. Piercings

Getting your penis pierced can bring a lot of dangers. It puts you at risk of skin infection, especially if the tools and equipment used are not properly sterilized. It can also make you prone to urinary tract problems, as a penis ring can be a hindrance to the proper flow of urine out of your body. If placed somewhere close to the penile artery, it can make getting an erection or achieving orgasm very difficult.

  1. Mental health issues

Your mental state has an influence your sex life. If you are in a good disposition, getting hard and ejaculating should come naturally. You and your partner will have no problem enjoying a fun, pleasurable, and satisfying sex life. However, if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or some other mental disorder, focusing on how to make your partner happy in bed can be hard. The distraction will keep you from performing to the best of your abilities, and leave you embarrassed and your partner annoyed and disappointed.

  1. Obesity

Sex is a very physical activity. It requires that you are a bit flexible and have great stamina and endurance to last a long time. If you are obese, moving can be tricky, as you have all these extra flabs in the way, and you are out of breath even after only a few minutes of action. Your partner, undoubtedly, will be left unsatisfied and let down, and expecting another go or any future rendezvous may not be on the table anymore.

  1. Medical procedures and treatments

If you had surgery or are taking certain medications, the aftermath of the procedure or the chemicals that have been introduced into your system can bring bad side effects on your penis health. If, for instance, you had your prostate gland surgically removed, the treatment solution might cause urinary and erectile issues.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

man sexual health checkupHormonal imbalance in the body can lead to an unhealthy penis. In men, the primary sex hormone is the testosterone, which is key to the proper development of the prostate, the testicles, and the tissues and organs that make up the male reproductive system. If you have low testosterone levels, you will suffer from erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and low sperm count. You will also be faced with physical changes, like muscle loss, increased body fat, body hair loss, and exhaustion and fatigue.

What can you do to protect the overall health and wellbeing of your penis?

For the sake of your penis’ health and your sex life, you should keep in mind the following safety and precautionary measures:

Have sex responsibly

When having sex, you should always use condoms and other protections to not be in danger of sexually-transmitted diseases. You should also stay away from alcohol and drugs, as these substances can be a detriment to your decision-making when it comes to sex. Get tested for STDs regularly too to detect early on any infections that have struck you but have not yet triggered noticeable signs and symptoms. If possible, limit the number of your sex partners, and convince them to undergo STD screening with you for all of your safety.

Lose weight

Being fit can be a big help to your penis health. If you shed those extra pounds off, you can perform better in bed. You will not feel so tired and breathless so easily, and you can give your partner the satisfaction that they are yearning for. To start your weight loss journey, cut down on your fat and sugar intake. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.

Be physically active

Stop spending so much of your free time and days off just sitting on the couch, watching television, or looking at your phone. You have to get up and move around to get your heart and other vital organs working. With physical activity, even just a 20-minute walk a day or a daily kilometer-long run around your neighborhood, you can get your heart pumping, boost your blood flow, and allow your penis to receive the necessary amount of blood for getting and maintaining an erection during intimate moments.

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