5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

by Robert Carver
5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

Have you ever said something to a woman and she completely just “goes off”. You thought the two of you were just joking around, but she seems to believe you were personally attacking her. Let’s get one thing straight…women have it tough in this world, and there are some things that they will be more sensitive to than you would be. It’s always best to stay on the safe side and keep these lines out of your vernacular, or else there will be hell to pay, trust me. Here are 5 things you should never say to a woman. I mean it…don’t do it man…

Anything that might slightly hint at her weight or appearance

Stay as far away as possible from talking about her weight. If she asks you if she looks fat, say no. Always say no. More importantly, say it like you mean it. Also commenting on how skinny she is can have an equally negative effect. Stay away from any negative comments about her appearance. Stick with the classic “You look great today”. Don’t risk hinting at something she might be feeling sensitive about. Remember that a woman’s worth lies in her appearance. Just like a man’s worth lies in his money and success. This isn’t true of course, but we all seem to think it is.

That was pretty good for a girl

Never say this. Not only is it rude in general, alot of women will “go off” on you about it. You see it as a compliment, but she sees it as a direct insult. Put yourself in her shoes and see how you would feel. Not too great right?

He was just being friendly

neversaytoawoman-areyougoingtoeatallthatWhen a woman talks to you about being yelled at on the street, do not respond with, “well, I’m sure he was just being nice”. He wasn’t just being nice. He made her feel scared for her life. Women are physically smaller and weaker than men in general, so it’s pretty easy to see how scary a situation like that could be. “Guys shouldn’t do that, sorry that happened to you”. Is a way better response.

Are you going to eat all that?

So first of all, eating disorders run rampant in female circles. Since we’ve been told we need to be thin to be acceptable in society, counting calories is how some of us survive. Never shame a woman for eating. You WANT her to eat. We already get enough of that from the media. Don’t add fuel to the fire!

Anything having to do with her period

never say to a woman-periodDo not blame her period for her mood swings. Don’t make jokes about staining the sheets. Just don’t talk about it. It’s something that you will never experience and never understand. We feel bloated, crampy, sad and weak. The best thing to do is to just stay out of it. If she starts talking about it, just agree with her on how much it sucks.

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