5 Reasons Why All Diets Work

by Robert Carver

Every year we’re told about a new diet. Maybe a colleague at work, Bob, comes over to us to tell us the secret behind his recent weight loss.

“I started something called the ‘Lose Your Belly In 45 Days’ diet,” he tells us. He’s currently on his 34th day and loving life. “I can’t wait for day 45.”

A year later, another friend, Hank, tells you he’s just enrolled on the Kill All The Fat In 30 Days diet. Just a few weeks later, another buddy of yours, Clint, informs you that he’s trying out The Gut Buster Techno 5000, a diet conceived by an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley that promises to get you in shape in time for when humanity moves to Mars. After all, you wanna impress those aliens right?

Despite all these different names, you notice one common theme: Every one of your friends who is on a different diet has one thing in common: They’ve all lost weight! Bob is thinner, as are Hank and Clint. Bob might claim to have lost more weight, but the scales don’t lie. They’ve lost the same amount of weight.

The fact is that all diets work and this is because they all have things in common. Despite however much each diet dresses itself up as something new and something innovative, it contains the same essence as every other diet on the market.

Let’s take a look at the 5 things each diet has in common and why each diet can work.

They Provide A Way To Eat Less 

All diets create a guide for you to eat less. There exist no rogue diet that wants you to eat more. 

Sure, one diet might eliminate fats, whilst another will eliminate dairy. But they’re all teaching us to cut back.

They Create Structure 

The dietary life of a fat person is chaotic. It’s all over the place. What diet plans do is structure the way you eat. They give you a plan, and they replace order with disorder. After all, Weight Watchers is not gonna say “fuck it, eat what you want, when you want,” are they?

They Eradicate Processed Foods 

Processed food is designed to make you want to eat as much as possible. Some will actually make you hungrier as you’re eating them!

Any diet plan worth its salt will teach you to give them up, and they’ll arm you with an alternative plan. Brill.

They Add Protein And Fibre To Your Diet 

Protein is awesome for a healthier you, and for this reason every diet plan has to include. If a diet plan’s USP was “NO PROTEIN” they would make you fatter. A diet plan cannot not introduce you to more protein and fibre, and for this reason, many of them are fundamentally the same.

They Help You To Maintain Your New Weight 

To be popular, diet plans have to be sustainable. What’s the point if they enrol you on a 30 day course and then leave the rest up to you? There is no point, which is why all diet plans are designed to keep you going forever. 

So whichever diet plan you opt for, you’re guaranteed to lose weight. And if you fancy losing even more weight and speeding up the process, GarciniaX is an all-natural weight loss supplement that is designed to burn the fat and turn you into a brand new you.

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