5 Activities to do When You’re Trying to Stay Sober

When you are trying to stay sober, it can be a real task. While you can bury yourself in your job and maybe focus on working out, it becomes more difficult when you want to socialize. Without socializing, you feel isolated, can end up losing friends, and find that the enjoyment begins to seep away from life. This makes sobriety unsustainable and the worse it gets, the more likely you are to crack. However, by filling your diary with alternative activities, you will find that sobriety comes more easily. Instead of spending evenings in the bar, you can spend evenings learning new things and developing yourself as a more rounded man. Try your hand at some of these things to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Cooking classes

preview-full-body-mindWhile this may seem a little old hat, the saying truly is that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not show yourself a little love. Cooking enables you to not only produce delicious meals but to also push your boundaries on understanding nutrition. A more nutritious diet will lead you to live a healthier lifestyle, will keep you in a positive mood while staying fit and trim, and will also be a trump card when trying to win over a lady. You can experiment with a certain type of food or choose an all-around healthy class.

Catch up with your favorite band

While going to concerts drunk is, of course, a great deal of fun, going sober allows you to really take in the experience and feel the atmosphere. Moreover, concert bars are usually pretty pricey so not drinking will save you a penny or two. You will find that when you stop drinking you have more time to catch up on events like this, as well as the extra cash to splash out on it. Without a drink in your hand, you can fully engage in that teenage style moshpit or dance all night long without spilling a drop.

Join a team

Were you a football star in school? Perhaps you love watching the hockey but you have never really tried it out for yourself. Why not join a team sport. Not only will team sports give you the chance to get fit and try your hand at something new, they will also bring you closer to a whole new group of people, opening up a new social circle for you to spend your time in. You will find that team sports often come hand in hand with other activities, charity events, and social days, packing your schedule out so you don’t feel like the boring, stay-at-home sober man.

Take a course


While your brain is fully intact from not drinking, why not use it? Whether you decide to take a course online or pop to your local university, college, or learning center, you will find that staying sober improves your cognitive functioning, allowing you to get more from a learning experience. Maybe it will help you get the qualifications you always wanted so you can finally ditch your unfulfilling job and focus on something more mindful and rewarding. If you want to push your brain even further, try using a supplement like Brain Gain.


Perhaps now is your time to give back to the community. Find a local project or a charity working near you and see what you can do to lend a hand.

Boredom will be the death of you if you don’t get a handle on it. Use this time to be productive!

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