12 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast

overweight man in gym squeezing belly fat

The bulges around your midsection are pretty common, particularly when you lead a less active lifestyle or are advancing in age. While society puts less pressure on men when it comes to looks, undeniably a shirtless dude revealing six pack abs turns heads both of women and men. Women can’t help but visualize touching that sexy body while men can’t help but getting green with envy.

A six pack might not be included in your bucket list but staying fit and healthy might be. The extra fats around your belly don’t indicate poor health. However, it’s a clear sign that you’re not as active as you should be. A sedentary or inactive lifestyle is a risk factor for many underlying health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. Getting rid of those belly bulges not only makes you feel a bit sexier or hotter but healthier as well.

The thing is, it takes hard work, dedication, and will to shed those extra pounds. Because no one size fits all, you may need to try different strategies and approaches until you find the right one that fits well to your metabolism, genetics, and other unique characteristics. You may go through a series of trial and error but staying in the game will ultimately lead you to your desired destination. Others have done it, so can you too. The following ways have been proven to be effective in losing love handles fast.

1. Cardio workouts

Any exercise that increases your heart rate is considered cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are found to burn calories fast, which can burn fats too. An intense workout burns more calories. This is why high intensity interval training is getting popular these days as one of the most effective cardio exercises. This involves periods of vigorous exercise followed by short recovery periods. A HIIT session can last from 7 to 24 minutes. You don’t need any equipment for this form of exercise. The internet is full of video samples for different HIIT sessions.

2. Weight training

man lifting weightsWeights are another way to burn fats fast. Its benefits can last even after your sessions. The most effective weight sessions are the ones that target your abs area. This can include weighted crunches, lever lying crunches, and barbell push crunches. A 10-minute weight lifting session a day is enough to help reduce the size of your waistline.

3. Stretching exercises

If you prefer to burn fats without sweating too much, stretching and flexibility exercises may work best for you. These exercises aren’t as effective as the cardio and weight training in burning calories but they burn calories nonetheless and their benefits are long lasting. Stretches are also important before and after heavy exercises. They help prepare your body for more intense movements. Because stretches include bends and twists, they target the fats in your midsection.

4. Have a clear workout schedule

Planning your workout is as important as executing them. Squeeze into your weekly schedule your workout routines. Be specific with the kind of routines to do for a specific day so as not to waste your time thinking about what you’re going to do when. A 30 to 40-minute cardio exercise along with HIIT sessions 3 to 5 times a week is enough to help you burn belly fats fast. Be sure to include in your plan the workouts that target your upper and lower body. You don’t have to do them all at once. You can alternate them every training session. This gives your muscle enough time to rest and recover.

5. Yard work

Burning fat isn’t only limited to common forms of exercises. Yard work such as gardening or lawn mowing can also help in burning fat. So, if you’re torn between giving time to exercise or giving your lawn a manicure, follow the yard work instead. You will still reap the benefits that you can get from exercise.

6. Use the stairs

Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs. It’s also an effective way to burn fats fast. You even burn more fat when you skip one stair every five steps.

7. Run more

For those who love to run, running more for the same amount of time can also help you burn fats fast. For example, if you run a mile for 20 minutes, run two miles for 20 minutes. You not only double your fat burning capabilities but are breaking your own record too.

8. Run or walk uphill

Running or walking uphill doubles your fat burning efforts by applying more force to the ground. This is also an effective exercise for your heart health.

9. Weight lifting and cardio

According to health coaches, weights and cardio are a good combo for burning fats fast. But it should be weights then cardio and not the other way around. You can increase your intensity or speed when you run, jog, or swim after lifting weights.

10. Be sporty

boxing trainingThere are days when you feel lazy and even lifting a finger seems a difficult chore. Or you may have the habit of procrastination. This can make your fat burning efforts meaningless, especially when you allow three or more days to pass without moving a muscle. You can overcome this habit by engaging in sports like basketball, soccer, or kickball. When you’re a part of the team, you will have no excuse for yourself why you won’t show up. This way, you turn your fat burning goals into a fun game and can inspire yourself to work out and do your best.

11. Use your time wisely

Sitting too often has been found to increase weight gain. When answering your phone try to pace around the room. Use your phone time to get your body active. If it’s possible to walk outside with your phone, then do it. The extra activity may not burn your calories quickly but it sure will help you maintain your weight and avoid extra fat to accumulate around your waistline.

12. Watch your diet

Half of your weight loss goal’s success depends on your diet. Aim not to eat more calories than you can burn in a day. This means you should put in your plate foods with low calorie content. Cutting out processed and sugar laden foods is one way to achieve this. Fruits and vegetables are the go-to foods that help ensure you burn more calories than you take.

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