10 Tips for a More Powerful Orgasm

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Google orgasm and you’ll be presented with limitless information about female and their orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, this is helpful for anybody looking to end with a big bang. The thing is, what about in the male department? Are men sex machines, always ready for battle anywhere and anytime? The answer is no. This is not always the case. No matter how sexually aroused you may think you are, the chances of not getting stronger orgasms could sneak in and find you a willing victim.

Unlike women who are able to talk to each other about how they perform in bed, men aren’t able to do it. They prefer to keep quiet and look for someone who is able to stand up and talk about his experience, which seldom happens. At some point in your life, this could be a dilemma too. There’s a lot of reasons why you couldn’t get that strong orgasm you long wanted, some physiological. To understand more about that big O in men, listen to what experts have to say. Here they are:

1. Use your mind

The clutter in your mind can be a cause for distraction. This happens when you’re too self-conscious focusing on her orgasm rather than on your own. If you’re an online porn fan, being in the real thing doesn’t come easy. Your own mind can stand between you and the work at hand. Instead of being a victim of your mental clutter, use your mind to stay focused. Fantasize. Recall that hot scenario that really turned you on then apply it in the present moment. Give your fantasy life. By turning that switch on, you’re able to navigate on what you have at hand much more swiftly and readily.

2. Strengthen your PC muscles

You might be already familiar with Kegel exercises, the contraction of PC muscles to strengthen them. The stronger these muscles are, the better your performance will be.

The pubococcygeus or PC muscles are the ones that contract during orgasm. You use these muscles when you prevent yourself from peeing. When these muscles are tensed during sex, you’ll have a hard time ejaculating to your heart’s content. Thus, you need to relax by taking slow and deep breaths. This will not only relax these muscles but also enables blood to flow smoothly to your nether region, which results in harder erections and stronger ejaculation. One more tip: lifting your penis up and down using your PC muscles is one way of strengthening them. Of course, do it while you’re alone in the bathroom.

sex and orgasm3. Never force it

Don’t try to hurry things up. Though orgasm is the mark to hit for, you’re not going to make it if you’re too focused on getting it done. Instead, try to ease up and let things flow. Forcing it will only exhaust you.

4. Apply pressure to your taint

Your taint is the patch of skin between your balls and your butt. It’s packed with nerve endings that make it ultra-sensitive. Once you apply pressure to this area, you will enhance your pleasure and excitement. Some guys who have experienced multiple orgasms attributed such achievement to touching their taint. During intercourse, if your position makes it harder for you to do it, ask your partner to do it, and she’d be too happy she did.

5. Try “edging”

Sex experts, and even the Tantric sex texts, say that you’ll get a more intense climax when you’re able to master delaying your orgasm. This requires a lot of your focus and attention. When you feel you’re about to blow it, try to slow down for a few seconds and pause. Repeat the process a few times, then resume and shoot. This edging process may take some time to make it to perfection. If you can’t do it the first time, try the second time around. Your penis may revolt against you for this delayed gratification, but the effort is well worth it. Your orgasm will be more powerful and intense.

6. Let your partner stroke your balls

Another powerful tip the sex experts recommend is stroking your sack. Your testicles have a simple but important role in your sexual intercourse. If you’re able to raise them up nearer your body during ejaculation, you’ll come up with a more intense orgasm. This is because this movement heightens your arousal. Try asking your partner to do it, for a more pleasurable ejaculation.

7. Slow down your breath

In Tantric sex, one simple tactic it recommends for more enjoyable sex is how you use your breath. As you’re about to come during ejaculation, your breathing normally speeds up. But when you manage to slow it down, syncing your breathing with your thrusts, you’ll be able to reach a much stronger climax. By breathing slowly, you allow a smooth flow of oxygen into your penis, making it stronger and bigger.

8. Eat better

leafy green saladSome preparations for a better orgasm are done outside of the bedroom. Knowing the right food to put inside your body is another secret for a more powerful orgasm. Foods are the fuel that can make you healthy. When you’re healthy, blood runs smoothly through your nerves, which is essential to achieve harder erections. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, cabbage, and bok choy work best for your circulation. Eat those along with eggs for better libido and oats and other whole grains for higher testosterone levels and stronger orgasms.

9. Regulate your blood pressure

The capacity of your body to reach a stronger climax can also depend on your blood pressure. Higher blood pressure can impact your sex life because it intervenes with the proper blood flow throughout your body and your penis as well. It also affects ejaculation and sex drive. As much as possible try to maintain a low blood pressure for a healthier and sexier life.

10. Boost your testosterone levels

Your sex drive depends on your testosterone. The higher the testosterone levels are, the higher your sex drive, and the stronger your orgasms will be. While some foods help amp your testosterone levels, physical activities like running can boost it too. It might be ideal to go for a quick jog before knocking on her door and bring her to pleasure town.

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