10 Signs You’re Bad in Bed

by Edward Johnson
Bed Problems

The privilege and pleasure of satisfying a woman in bed is the ultimate sexual accomplishment. Every guy starts off thinking that he’s a stud until a woman breaks the fantasy and tells him that he’s a lousy lay. Nothing could ever break a man’s spirit more than a disappointed and sexually frustrated woman.

It would be nice to know how good you are in bed without destroying your self-esteem, but not every woman is crass enough, to tell the truth to your face. There are plenty of guys out there who think they are a stud because they haven’t met that person that would tear down their confidence – but we got you covered. We listed 10 telltale signs that you’re bad in bed, so you won’t have to hear it from her.

Read and enjoy.

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You constantly ask if she likes what you’re doing.

As guys, we get that you want to affirm your sexual performance, but asking more than once just reeks of insecurity. You’re a man. You set the tempo. You know what you’re seeing in front of you. There are more ways to know that she likes what you’re doing other than the affirmative “yes” from her. Sure, it’s nice to hear her say it, but wouldn’t a loud, uncontrollable moan be more affirmative of your sexual prowess? Just stick to what you’re doing, and take cues from her body language.


You skip foreplay

A woman’s body is like a carbureted motorcycle; you always need to warm it up before taking it for a ride. If you did enough to warm her up, you can take her for a spin instantly. Spend time on foreplay. Don’t just stick it in. It’s fun for us too. The more you build up the heat, the more she would want you inside her.  Us guys, we’re fuel injected. We’re good to go at the flick of a switch.


You don’t buy condoms

10 Signs You’re Bad in BedThere are three types of guys who never buy condoms – the guy who’s on the sex offender list, the guy who can’t afford condoms, and the guy who never gets any action. Buy protection. It’s cheap, and the mere fact of having one tells a lot about you as a man. I know sex isn’t as stimulating with a condom, but you should always give her the option whether she wants you to put it on or not. My advice – always be protected.


You don’t go down on her

Women always tell guys that they don’t know what they are doing down there, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying. Getting her hot during foreplay would greatly improve your success at getting her off with your mouth alone. Most women expect to be eaten out during sex, and it sends a message when you don’t even try to go down on her.


You’re as bland as oatmeal in bed

Every new intimate relationship starts in a positive light. You’re getting to know each other, and you’re trying to figure out what gets her going in bed. If you get complacent and do the same move every night, then things could get boring real fast. Switch it up, figure out her kinks. Every person has one.


She’s as quiet as a mouse

Assuming that you’ve moved out from your parents’ basement, there’s no reason for you to express your satisfaction audibly. Pleasure is audible. You know she’s not getting what she wants when you barely get a reaction from her. If what you’re doing isn’t working for her, maybe try other things, or better yet – talk to her and understand what makes her go crazy in bed.


She’s overdoing it

If she acts like a pornstar in bed, it’s either you have a pornstar’s dick, or she’s overreacting. Women are polite that way, and you know, based on your efforts in bed, whether she’s responding in kind, or acting, so you won’t get offended. Sure, some women are genuine freaks in the bedroom, but by now, you should already know the proportionate response to what you’re doing.


You always try to do things your way

Women want pleasure, and if you only get to do things your way, then you’re missing out on the things that make her crazy in bed. It’s important to understand that not everything pleasurable for you is pleasurable for your partner as well. The best kind of pleasure is something that you both truly enjoy.


It takes you forever to get ready

Taking too longNothing dries up a woman’s ovaries more than a man who can’t get it up. There’s nothing sexy about a flaccid penis. The worst part is when you ask for help to get it up. We’re supposed to have an erection as an involuntary reaction to their willingness to have sex. Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem, and it never goes away until you do something about it. If it takes you forever to get hard, consider taking a powerful male enhancement supplement, like Male UltraCore. Those pills will get you prepped so you won’t have to worry about getting yourself ready when the opportunity calls for it.


She asked you once, and you didn’t give it.

Women would never get used to being declined in bed, unlike us. Maybe there was a day when you were tired and you just wanted to sleep, but she’s horny enough to ask you for sex. If you denied her in bed, I can guarantee you that she’ll never forget that moment. For women, offering themselves for sex is the height of their vulnerability. You must have a damn good reason to reject a woman in bed. No one is ever too tired to have sex. If you just don’t feel it, maybe you have declining testosterone levels, and you need to get yourself checked out.


There you go. I hope I didn’t break your confidence too much. There’s always a way to redeem yourself, especially in bed. The silver lining for guys who are bad in bed is that the expectations are lower for you to perform. Maybe it’s time to take it up a couple of notches and show her what you’re really capable of.


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