10 Home Remedies for the Flu

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So, you got the flu, and you are so sick that you have to recover at home. How does one get better? We all know that to get better, we all need to rest at home and drink lots of liquids. Better yet, you should go to the doctor first to make sure it’s nothing serious, like meningitis or anything. And you might want to get a doctor’s note if you don’t want to get in trouble with work or school or anything.

You should take steps to get better as soon and properly as you can, and these steps below can also make your road to recovery an easier time for you:

1. Drink up

Replace lost fluids that you lose with vomiting and diarrhea by drinking lots of water. Get better quicker with lots of water. Stay away from caffeine because they may cause diarrhea and can increase the number of times you go to the bathroom to poop. Take small sips if you feel nauseated drinking too much water at one time. Don’t drink alcohol because that makes you sleepy and the flu makes you sleepy enough as it is.

2. Sip some soup

Replace lost fluids with lots of water. Get better quicker with lots of water that the soup provides. The vapor from the soup might also alleviate your respiratory system. Soup also provides comfort to you and gives you some nutrients to eat, especially if your flu bug comes with nausea and you have trouble keeping down solids. Soup is a great way to keep down what you drink when you have nausea, and even if you vomit, it’s easier on you since it’s not a solid you’re depositing into the toilet or waste bin.

3. Rest up and don’t get up

Getting a lot of rest will also help your body fight the infection of influenza because resting will improve the immune system. And don’t do a lot of work or move around a lot during the day, it won’t improve your immune system, and you’ll just tire yourself out. Plus, with influenza, your muscles will be in pain throughout the duration of your flu. It’s better to just rest as much as you can so that you can get better quicker. That way, the sooner you get better, the sooner you get back to doing what you need to do.

4. Humidify

Breathing in the moist air will help your nasal congestion and sore throat pain. Use a humidifier or take a hot shower every morning to breath in hot vapors to relieve your infected respiratory system. The humidifier can also help alleviate any nausea you may feel as a result of the flu bug. You can buy a humidifier from Walmart.

5. Make a tent

Pour water over a bowl of hot water, drape a towel over your head, lean your head over the bowl and the vapors from the hot water, and breathe deeply through your nose for 30 seconds. This will alleviate your sore throat and make your cough more productive by making your through airways moister and loosen the trapped phlegm in those airways.

6. Try a warm compress

Get a small cloth, pour hot water on it, put it on your forehead and nose until it gets cold. This will alleviate your sore throat and make your cough more productive by making your through airways moister and loosen the dried up and trapped phlegm in those airways.

7. Suck on cough drops

Suck on cough drops and cough suppressants to suppress coughs and relieve the pain in your sore throat. They may not help you get to sleep at night or during the day, but they do help prevent coughing fits when you are awake.  And they do help provide some moisture in the throat airways, and they do loosen the trapped phlegm, the same way hot vapors and humidifiers do.

8. Swish and spit

Gargle salt water to get rid of mucus in throat and ease your stuffed-up ears.

9. Use a neti pot to irrigate your nose

Buy a neti pot from a pharmacy and try nasal irrigation to clear out your nasal passages with salt water. This will help you breathe through your nose easier, and it will loosen trapped mucus in your nasal passages. It will help you when your nose is stuffed up with mucus, and you’ll need it every few hours. Influenza will continue to stuff your nose with renewed mucus, and you need a neti pot with you (with saline solution) to get rid of that renewed mucus since this influenza will just restuff your nose several hours after you use the neti pot.

10. Call a caregiver to check in on you

Have a family member or a friend to tuck you into bed and bring you soup and water. It would be a comfort to have someone take care of you in your time of need, even if it’s just to check up on you. If you prefer to recover alone, though, that’s fine too. Everyone has their own preferences as to how they want to recover and whether they want to be alone or not while they’re sick with the flu. And calling your loved ones on the phone, sending them an email, or contacting them via Skype or Facebook is also a good way to contact your loved ones when you’re sick, too.

There’s more than one way to not be alone when you’re sick if you prefer not to be alone yet don’t prefer anyone to physically take care of you while you’re sick, whether it’s because you don’t want to pass along your germs or because you don’t like being taken care of while you’re sick.

Overall, you can alleviate your sore throat and your infected respiratory system if you use a humidifier, use a neti pot with salt water, soup, drink plenty of liquids, gargle salt water, use cough drops and cough suppressants, and a warm compress. And you can be less alone when you’re sick by either having someone check up on you or by communicating with them through other means of communication. And getting plenty of rest will help your immune system get better as soon as possible.

With these steps, getting better won’t be so hard, and it would be more comfortable and alleviating for you recovering using these steps than without.

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