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Quick details

TenGenix is a new male enhancement supplement that has recently taken the market by storm. Despite being just months into production, it has been the subject of many reviews, including those of actual users and review aggregate websites. The objective of TenGenix is to help manage all of the user’s sexual health needs, including sexual desire, stamina, and size.

What sets TenGenix apart from all the other male enhancement supplements in the market today is its detailed information about all the ingredients in the formula. The makers of TenGenix made it clear that TenGenix is inspired by a number of actual patents and clinical studies, which has led them to develop the ‘perfect male enhancement formula’. Unlike majority of male enhancement supplements in the market today, TenGenix promises to provide users with 10 benefits, which include better sexual satisfaction, and better chances of sexual attraction with the opposite sex.

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Based on the reviews we have come across about TenGenix, it appears that many are happy about the added benefits of TenGenix, and these benefits are tell-tale signs that the makers of TenGenix understand what their customers are looking for in a male enhancement supplement. Given that TenGenix claims to accomplish more than the regular male enhancement brands on the market today, verifying the effectiveness of TenGenix could be approached objectively. The following TenGenix review will help give you a better understanding of the product so you can make an informed buying decision.
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What makes TenGenix special?

Like what we have mentioned, TenGenix does more than your typical male enhancement pill. While penis enlargement, sexual endurance, and libido are still the most important benefits of TenGenix, the added benefits of TenGenix sets it apart from the rest. TenGenix helps put it all together in just a simple formula that will help men solve all of their sexual health problems.

Typical male enhancement supplements help users by increasing their libido, which only potentiates erections. While TenGenix can also help with libido, it also affects your overall sexual satisfaction by making you more responsive to sexual stimulus. The key ingredients in TenGenix also gives men the advantage by preventing the penis from going flaccid during intercourse. While these benefits are not the focus of the formula, it definitely helps men with their overall sexual performance and satisfaction.

Another key attribute of TenGenix is the fact that its ingredients and technology are all backed up by legitimate U.S. patents and clinical studies. These studies are all published on their website, and all studies could be traced back to their source by simply making a quick Google search. Suffice to say, TenGenix really took their time in developing the formula, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

TenGenix research and development

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Ready for this?

TenGenix had undergone an extensive research phase prior to its release. A few months back, several representatives of TenGenix reached out to select bloggers, customers, and supplement reviewers so they can try TenGenix for themselves. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure ourselves a free sample, but the buzz that it generated was enough for us to wait for its release to check it out. According to some test correspondents, the people behind TenGenix explained that the test was necessary to prevent certain TenGenix side effects and also to ensure that the formula works in real-world applications.

It had been in development for at least a year before it was made available. From what we know, TenGenix had been around for at least a year before being made public. The positive feedback from their test groups enabled them to identify which aspects of the pill were working, and which ones they should work on. Although TenGenix has a relatively strong formula, we were surprised that there weren’t that many side effects that would usually raise alarms. Unlike other male enhancement pills that are laced with illegal prescription medicine, TenGenix is 100% natural, which is the key to the prevention of the possible TenGenix side effects. Due to the safe nature of the formula, TenGenix is 100% safe to take.

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While we have yet to see reports about TenGenix side effects, we have to issue a fair warning to everyone who are planning to take TenGenix. TenGenix has ingredients that promote vasodilation. That means that anyone who has heart or cardiovascular problems may need to check with their primary care provider to see if they can take TenGenix. There is a slight possibility that TenGenix may interact with certain types of medication, and just to be on the safe side, contact your physician first before taking the pill.
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The TenGenix ingredients:

Anyone who had seriously considered buying a male enhancement supplement knows that the ingredients of TenGenix are not really special individually. These are common ingredients found in male enhancement pills, but the real secret is in the ratio of ingredients and the quality of the ingredients used to make the perfect male enhancement formula. The idea is to look for the right ratio of ingredients to reach peak effectiveness for each ingredient, while making each ingredient synergize with another ingredient in the formula, thus achieving results that were never possible with other male enhancement pills.

Here are some of the ingredients found in TenGenix:


L-Arginine isn’t originally an ingredient that is intended for male enhancement. The typical applications of L-arginine is with supplements that are intended to increase pump, strength, and stamina. A much more potent and concentrated form of L-Arginine is found in TenGenix, which triggers a rapid vasodilation to push more blood to the penis, therefore increasing the quality of erections – and penis enlargement if the product is used regularly for at least 15 days.

TenGenix Results Increase Blood Flow


TenGenix uses the APEX Technology, which stands for Accelerated Penile Expansion technology to make penis enlargement possible. The ingredient that kickstarts everything is MuiraPuama. MuiraPuama is easily absorbed by the body, which greatly increases the libido of the user in just minutes after taking the pill. This creates a perfect stack with L-Arginine and the other aphrodisiacs in the formula that triggers penis enlargement through improved blood flow to the penis every time the user experiences an erection.

TenGenix Ingredient Muira Puama


Tongkat Ali

Tongkatali is one of the most important ingredients in the formula, as it fulfils three major roles in the mix. First, Tongkat Ali is a testosterone-boosting supplement. Testosterone helps with a lot of things, including libido, penile tissue development, and secondary male characteristics. Tongkat Ali is also a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, which basically enables it to mimic the effects of Viagra and Cialis. Lastly, Tongkatali is a natural free calcium inhibitor, which prevents the penis from going flaccid in the middle of sex.

TenGenix Ingredient Tongkat Ali


TribulusTerrestris is a supplement ingredient that is more commonly found in testosterone supplements that are formulated for bodybuilding. Testosterone supplements generally help in the development of muscles, but the higly-concentrated tribulusterrestris content contributes to the increase in libido and sexual endurance. Tribulusterrestris is also a natural pde-5 inhibitor, which further potentiates erections. Tribulusterrestris, MuiraPuama, and Tongkat Ali are all testosterone boosters in the formula, and when stacked together, it can greatly provide the user with extended benefits such as better pheromone release, better sexual satisfaction, and decreased mental and sexual fatigue.

TenGenix Ingredient Tribulus Terrestris

Maca Root

Perhaps the most intriguing ingredient in the formula is Maca Root. Maca has been used for ages to help with fertility, but in modern applications, maca root is now being used to improve sexual health in both men and women. Maca root is a natural hormone balancer, and as a result, the user gains the ability to control their ejaculation. Maca root also inhibits oxytocin and prolactin, the two neurotransmitters that prevents users from getting into the mood again after having an orgasm.

TenGenix Ingredient Maca Root

TenGenix money back guarantee

To show that they believe in the product that they are selling, the people behind TenGenix are offering everyone with a money back guarantee. In the off chance that you are not satisfied with TenGenix, all you have to do is call their customer care hotline, and someone from their customer care department will take care of your concerns.


TenGenix offers the most compelling formula that we have ever come across in the male enhancement supplement industry, and although we have not extensively tested the effectiveness of TenGenix, based on what we have seen so far, we are convinced that TenGenix is the real deal. If you want an authentic male enhancement supplement, make sure to get TenGenix and see how it works for you.

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